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ARGH! I just want our webcasts!

June 9, 2006 By pipka

This year at CeBIT Open Source was a big deal. We were told this was because the previous years survey had an open ended question asking what people wanted to see, and the overwhelming response was “Linux”. Linuxworld coming to Australia for the first time was also probably an incentive 😉 Anyway as such, at […]

Bids for LCA2008

June 3, 2006 By pipka

Melbourne and Tasmania are the current contestants for LCA2008. I have to say, the logo choices are pretty cool. Melbourne went with a tangram logo while Tasmania had a very cute Tasmanian Devil pretending to be a penguin. Awesome 🙂

Google party in Sydney

May 19, 2006 By pipka

Yesterday Google had their opening party for the new Sydney office. They sent out invitations to the broader community and had about 300 people turn up, most of whom were of the technical variety 🙂 I had a fun night chatting to loads of SLUGgers, researchers, and of course the Googlers. It was probably one […]

Blogging from CeBIT

May 11, 2006 By pipka

CeBIT has been going well. Loads of fun and the Linux Australia stand is constantly surrounded by 10-20 people. We are showing off tasty XGL, giving away FOSS CDs, and talking to loads of cool people. We also have loads more new people coming to SLUG next month, both newbies and techs, so make them […]

Linux Australia at CeBIT, come visit!

May 8, 2006 By pipka

Linux Australia will have a stand at CeBIT tomorrow through to Thursday. We’ll also have a big demo zone where loads of cool FOSS stuff will be shown off from embedded, to desktop and server stuff. We’ll be running a panel session on Thursday afternoon where leading innovators in the Australian market will talk about […]

Linuxworld rocking :)

March 29, 2006 By pipka

So The last two days have been the business day sessions of Linuxworld have been great. Over 2000 people registered for the trade show which has been buzzing everytime I’ve visited. The Linux Australia stand has also been consistently busy so it has been great! The conference itself hasn’t had quite the crowds we had […]

Linux in Aussie school

March 23, 2006 By pipka

I saw this in the news and loved the quote: “School education should be about cooperation and sharing knowledge, which is exactly what open source is about – that’s why I can’t understand why schools don’t embrace it on that level,” he said, adding there is a “big black hole” when it comes to Linux […]

Leon is coming back!

March 10, 2006 By pipka

Here is part of a message about Leons pretty gutsy recovery. He has always been a strong character in the community and now he is showing his strength in his rapid recovery: Leon was conscious most of the day yesterday (thursday), and very much in his own mind! Yesterday, when I arrived at the hospital, […]