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Leon is coming back!

Here is part of a message about Leons pretty gutsy recovery. He has always been a strong character in the community and now he is showing his strength in his rapid recovery:

Leon was conscious most of the day yesterday (thursday), and very much in his own mind! Yesterday, when I arrived at the hospital, he had been positioned in the pink chair again, and was holding his head up with minimum support, and impatiently jiggling his legs and tapping his fingers, while looking huntedly about the room, obviously unhappy with his situation. Through answering yes/no questions with a nod or head shake, he was able to communicate (quite emphatically!) that he was very angry, and depressed, and in quite some pain from his back in the position he was placed, and frustrated about not being able to speak, or make himself understood when he mouthed words. He let me know that he didn’t want me to leave him, even to go to the toilet, that he was scared of the prison his body was being, and he wanted to get back on top of things, specifically asking for his laptop!

Rock on Leon, keep it up and we are all thinking of you 🙂