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ARGH! I just want our webcasts!

This year at CeBIT Open Source was a big deal. We were told this was because the previous years survey had an open ended question asking what people wanted to see, and the overwhelming response was “Linux”. Linuxworld coming to Australia for the first time was also probably an incentive 😉

Anyway as such, at CeBIT Linux Australia was a big participant. We had a large popular demo zone, our booth was extremely popular the entire three days and we ran two panel sessions. We were told that VioCorp would be recording the panel sessions and would a) have it all online within a few days and b) provide us with the video footage. Not only have neither of these happened as expected, but one of the panel sessions were missing from the CeBIT guide, you have to register to view the videos with an email address (and untick the “please bug me” option), they only have one of the panel sessions up, and they only offer videos in Microsoft Media Player format (when asked about Real Player as another option, they said “sure!” and proceeded to put a Real Player option up that has _NO CONTENT!_). Needless to say, I’m pretty annoyed. I would have brought a video camera for our sessions had I known. If anyone else wants to bug VioCorp about this, speak to Ian Gardiner there. Details on the website.