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Linuxworld rocking :)

So The last two days have been the business day sessions of Linuxworld have been great. Over 2000 people registered for the trade show which has been buzzing everytime I’ve visited. The Linux Australia stand has also been consistently busy so it has been great!

The conference itself hasn’t had quite the crowds we had hoped for, but like any conference, it has to build a reputation, and for the first Linuxworld locally, we did quite well. The content has been great, I’ve been the MC and the timing has been fine (apart from one minor glitch, sorry Sophos!) and people are pretty happy with the results. Government Day is tomorrow which will be fantastic. I have Peter Quinn from Massachusetts speaking, Sunil Abraham from the IOSN, Dr Yusseri Yusoff from the Malaysian Government, and Edwin Bruce from the New Zealand Government. Plus the local state and federal Government people including Patrick Callioni from AGIMO, Elizabeth Gordon-Werner from NSW Dept of Commerce, Michael Carden from National Archives of Australia and Kevin Russell from Opensource WA. All have awesome stories and were great presentations. It’ll be great!

Anyway, maybe I’ll get a few more hours sleep tonight, but I have had a good time, and I hope everyone else has too 🙂 To be fair, it needs to be made clear Linuxworld is a business and Government conference and not a tech conference, but hopefully it’ll fill the void in Australia for such information and get our business and Government communities more educated about this space, and also about the Open Source community.

So I’m turning on comments for this blog post, and would love peoples feedback about Linuxworld. Obviously people that were actually there would be really useful (at the trade show or conference or both 🙂

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The bits of LinuxWorld that I saw sure rocked! Way happy to catch Peter Quinn’s presentation and the very engaging Dr [missed his name] from Malaysia was a hoot too.

I initially thought that my talk had gone over like a lead balloon [apparently the audience were quiet because they were paying attention rather than bored stiff…] until people started accosting me afterwards and as it turns out I was busy for hours talking to interested peoples, so that was great.

Wish I’d had more time to see the expo stuff but a few minutes at the LA stand where Jeff showed me that the XGL desktop stuff is available for dapper Drake in Universe and I’m a happy camper.

Thanks Pia, for the opportunity to be there.

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