Sadly leaving the NSW Government

This week was sadly my last week with the NSW Government, Department of Customer Service, formerly the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation. I am sad to be leaving such an exciting place at such an exciting time, but after 12 months of commuting from Canberra to Sydney. The hardest part of working in the NSW Government has been, by far, the commute. I have been leaving my little family every week for 3, 4 or 5 days, and although we have explored possibilities to move, my family and I have to continue living in Canberra for the time being. It has got to the point where my almost 4 year old has asked me to choose her over work, a heart breaking scenario as many will understand. 

I wanted to publicly thank everyone I worked with, particularly my amazing teams who have put their heart, soul and minds to the task of making exceptional public services in an exceptional public sector. I am really proud of the two Branches I had the privilege and delight to lead, and I know whatever comes next, that those 160 or so individuals will continue to do great things wherever they go. 

I remain delighted and amazed at the unique opportunity in NSW Government to lead the way for truly innovative, holistic and user centred approaches to government. The commitment and leadership from William Murphy, Glenn King, Greg Wells, Damon Rees, Emma Hogan, Tim Reardon, Annette O’Callaghan, Michael Coutts-Trotter (and many others across the NSW Government senior executive) genuinely to my mind, has created the best conditions anywhere in Australia (and likely the world!) to make great and positive change in the public service.

I want to take a moment to also directly thank Martin Hoffman, Glenn, Greg, William, Amanda Ianna and all those who have supported me in the roles, as well as everyone from my two Branches over that 12 months for their support, belief and commitment. It has been a genuine privilege and delight to be a part of this exceptional department, and to see the incredible work across our Branches.

I have only been in the NSW Government for 12 months, and in that time was the ED for Digital Government Policy and Innovation for 9 months, and then ED Data, Insights and Transformation for a further 3 months.

In just 9 months, the Digital Government Policy and Innovation team achieved a lot in the NSW Government digital space, including:

  • Australia’s first Policy Lab (bringing agile test driven and user centred design methods into a traditional policy team),
  • the Digital Government Policy Landscape (mapping all digital gov policies for agencies) including IoT & a roadmap for an AI Ethics Framework and AI Strategy,
  • the NSW Government Digital Design Standard and a strong community of practice to contribute and collaborate
  • evolution of the Digital NSW Accelerator (DNA) to include delivery capabilities,
  • the School Online Enrolment system,
  • an operational and cross government Life Journeys Program (and subsequent life journey based navigators),
  • a world leading Rules as Code exemplars and early exploration of developing human and machine readable legislation from scratch(Better Rules),
  • establishment of a digital talent pool for NSW Gov,
  • great improvements to data.nsw and whole of government data policy and the Information Management Framework,
  • capability uplift across the NSW public sector including the Data Champions network and digital champions,
  • a prototype whole of government CX Pipeline,
  • the Innovation NSW team were recognised as one of Apolitical’s 100+ teams teaching government the skills of the future with a range of Innovation NSW projects including several Pitch to Pilot events, Future Economy breakfast series,
  • and the improvements to engagement/support we provided across whole of government.

For the last 3 months I was lucky to lead the newly formed and very exciting Data, Insights and Transformation Branch, which included the Data Analytics Centre, the Behavioural Insights Unit, and a new Transformation function to explore how we could design a modern public service fit for the 21st century. In only 3 months we

  • established a strong team culture, developed a clear cohesive work program, strategic objectives and service offerings,
  • chaired the ethics board for behavioural insights projects, which was a great experience, and
  • were seeing new interest, leads and engagement from agencies who wanted to engage with the Data Analytics Centre, Behavioural Insights Unit or our new Transformation function.

It was wonderful to work with such a fantastic group of people and I learned a lot, including from the incredible leadership team and my boss, William Murphy, who shared the following kind words about my leaving:

As a passionate advocate for digital and transformative approaches to deliver great public services, Pia has also been working steadily to deliver on whole-of-government approaches such as Government as a Platform, service analytics and our newly formed Transformation agenda to reimagine government.

Her unique and effective blend of systems thinking, technical creativity and vision will ensure the next stage in her career will be just as rewarding as her time with Customer Service has been.

Pia has made the difficult decision to leave Customer Service to spend more time with her Canberra-based family.

The great work Pia and her teams have done over the last twelve months has without a doubt set up the NSW digital and customer transformation agenda for success.

I want to thank her for the commitment and drive she has shown in her work with the NSW Government, and wish her well with her future endeavours. I’m confident her focus on building exceptional teams, her vision for NSW digital transformation and the relationships she has built across the sector will continue.

For my part, I’m not sure what will come next, but I’m going to have a holiday first to rest, and probably spend October simply writing down all my big ideas and doing some work on rules as code before I look for the next adventure.

Choose your own adventure – keynote

This is a blog version of the keynote I gave at 2017. Many thanks to everyone who gave such warm feedback, and I hope it helps spur people to think about systemic change and building the future. The speech can be watched at

I genuinely believe we are at a tipping point right now. A very important tipping point where we have at our disposal all the philosophical and technical means to invent whatever world we want, but we’re at risk of reinventing the past with shiny new things. This talk is about trying to make active choices about how we want to live in future and what tools we keep or discard to get there. Passive choices are still a choice, they are choosing the status quo. We spend a lot of our time tinkering around the edges of life as it is, providing symptomatic relief for problems we find, but we need to take a broader systems based view and understand what systemic change we can make to properly address those problems.

We evolved over hundreds of thousands of years using a cooperative competitive social structure that helped us work together to flourish in every habitat, rapidly and increasingly evolve an learn, and establish culture, language, trade and travel. We were constantly building on what came before and we built our tools as we went.

In recent millennia we invented systems of complex differentiated and interdependent skills, leading to increasingly rapid advancements in how we live and organise ourselves physically, politically, economically and socially, especially as we started building huge cities. Lots of people meant a lot of time to specialise, and with more of our basic needs taken care of, we had more time for philosophy and dreaming.

Great progress created great surplus, creating great power, which we generally centralised in our great cities under rulers that weren’t always so great. Of course, great power also created great inequalities so sometimes we burned down those great cities, just to level the playing field. We often took a symptomatic relief approach to bad leaders by replacing them, without fundamentally changing the system.

But in recent centuries we developed the novel idea that all people have inalienable rights and can be individually powerful. This paved the way for a massive culture shift and distribution of power combined with heightened expectations of individuals in playing a role in their own destiny, leading us to the world as we know it today. Inalienable rights paved the way for people thinking differently about their place in the world, the control they had over their lives and how much control they were happy to cede to others. This makes us, individually, the most powerful we have ever beed, which changes the game moving forward.

You see, the internet was both a product and an amplifier of this philosophical transition, and of course it lies at the heart of our community. Technology has, in large part, only sped up the cooperative competitive models of adapting, evolving and flourishing we have always had. But the idea that anyone has a right to life and liberty started a decentralisation of power and introduced the need for legitimate governance based on the consent of citizens (thank you Locke).

Citizens have the powers of publishing, communications, monitoring, property, even enforcement. So in recent decades we have shifted fundamentally from kings in castles to nodes in a network, from scarcity to surplus or reuse models, from closed to open systems, and the rate of human progress only continues to grow towards an asymptoic climb we can’t even imagine.

To help capture this, I thought I’d make a handy change.log on human progress to date.

# Notable changes to homo sapiens – change.log
## [2.1.0] – 1990s CE “technology revolution & internet”
### Changed
– New comms protocol to distribute “rights”. Printing press patch unexpectedly useful for distributing resources. Moved from basic multi-core to clusters of independent processors with exponential growth in power distribution.

## [2.0.0] – 1789 CE “independence movements”
### Added
– Implemented new user permissions called “rights”, early prototype of multi-core processing with distributed power & comms.

## [1.2.0] – 1760 CE “industrial revolution”
### Changed
– Agricultural libraries replaced by industrial libraries, still single core but heaps faster.

## [1.1.1] – 1440 CE “gutenberg”
### Patched
– Printing press a minor patch for more efficient instructions distribution, wonder if it’d be more broadly useful?

## [1.1.0] – 2,000 BCE “cities era”
### Changed
– Switched rural for urban operating environment. Access to more resources but still on single core.

## [1.0.0] – 8,000 BCE “agricultural revolution”
### Added
– New agricultural libraries, likely will create surplus and population explosion. Heaps less resource intensive.

## [0.1.0] – 250,000 BCE “homo sapiens”
### Added
– Created fork from homo erectus, wasn’t confident in project direction though they may still submit contributions…

(For more information about human evolution, see

The point to this rapid and highly oversimplified historical introduction is threefold: 1) we are more powerful than ever before, 2) the rate of change is only increasing, and 3) we made all this up, and we can make it up again. It is important to recognise that we made all of this up. Intellectually we all understand this but it matters because we often assume things are how they are, and then limit ourselves to working within the constraints of the status quo. But what we invented, we can change, if we choose.

We can choose our own adventure, or we let others choose on our behalf. And if we unthinkingly implement the thinking, assumptions and outdated paradigms of the past, then we are choosing to reimplement the past.

Although we are more individually and collectively powerful than ever before, how often do you hear “but that’s just how we’ve always done it”, “but that’s not traditional”, or “change is too hard”. We are demonstrably and historically utter masters at change, but life has become so big, so fast, and so interrelated that change has become scary for many people, so you see them satisfied by either ignoring change or making iterative improvements to the status quo. But we can do better. We must do better.

I believe we are at a significant tipping point in history. The world and the very foundations our society were built on have changed, but we are still largely stuck in the past in how we think and plan for the future. If we don’t make some active decisions about how we live, think and act, then we will find ourselves subconsciously reinforcing the status quo at every turn and not in a position to genuinely create a better future for all.

So what could we do?

  • Solve poverty and hunger: distributed property through nanotechnology and 3D printing, universal education and income.
  • Work 2 days a week, automate the rest: work, see “Why the Future is Workless” by Tim Dunlop
  • Embrace and extend our selves: Transhumanism, para olympics, “He was more than a dolphin, but from another dolphin’s point of view he might have seemed like something less.” — William Gibson, from Johnny Mnemonic. Why are we so conservative about what it means to be human? About our picture of self? Why do we get caught up on what is “natural” when almost nothing we do is natural.
  • Overcome the tyranny of distance: rockets for international travel, interstellar travel, the opportunity to have new systems of organising ourselves
  • Global citizens: Build a mighty global nation where everyone can flourish and have their rights represented beyond the narrow geopolitical nature of states: peer to peer economy, international rights, transparent gov, digital democracy, overcome state boundaries,
  • ?? What else ?? I’m just scratching the surface!

So how can we build a better world? Luckily, the human species has geeks. Geeks, all of us, are special because we are the pioneers of the modern age and we get to build the operating system for all our fellow humans. So it is our job to ensure what we do makes the world a better place.

rOml is going to talk more about future options for open source in the Friday keynote, but I want to explore how we can individually and collectively build for the future, not for the past.

I would suggest, given our role as creators, it is incumbent on us to both ensure we build a great future world that supports all the freedoms we believe in. It means we need to be individually aware of our unconscious bias, what beliefs and assumptions we hold, who benefits from our work, whether diversity is reflected in our life and work, what impact we have on society, what we care about and the future we wish to see.

Collectively we need to be more aware of whether we are contributing to future or past models, whether belief systems are helping or hindering progress, how we treat others and what from the past we want to keep versus what we want to get rid of.

Right now we have a lot going on. On the one hand, we have a lot of opportunities to improve things and the tools and knowledge at our disposal to do so. On the other hand we have locked up so much of our knowledge and tools, traditional institutions are struggling to maintain their authority and control, citizens are understandably frustrated and increasingly taking matters into their own hands, we have greater inequality than ever before, an obsession with work at the cost of living, and we are expected to sacrifice our humanity at the alter of economics

Questions to ask yourself:

Who are/aren’t you building for?
What is the default position in society?
What does being human mean to you?
What do we value in society?
What assumptions and unconscious bias do you have?
How are you helping non-geeks help themselves?
What future do you want to see?

What should be the rights, responsibilities and roles of
citizens, governments, companies, academia?

Finally,we must also help our fellow humans shift from being consumers to creators. We are all only as free as the tools we use, and though geeks will always be able to route around damage, be that technical or social, many of our fellow humans do not have the same freedoms we do.

Fundamental paradigm shifts we need to consider in building the future.

Scarcity → Surplus
Closed → Open
Centralised → Distributed
Analogue → Digital
Belief → Rationalism
Win/lose → Cooperative competitive
Nationalism → Transnationalism
Normative humans → Formative humans

Open source is the best possible modern expression of cooperative competitiveness that also integrates our philosophical shift towards human rights and powerful citizens, so I know it will continue to thrive and win when pitted against closed models, broadly speaking.

But in inventing the future, we need to be so very careful that we don’t simply rebuild the past with new shiny tools. We need to keep one eye always on the future we want to build, on how what we are doing contributes to that future, and to ensuring we have enough self awareness and commitment to ensuring we don’t accidentally embed in our efforts the outdated and oftentimes repressive habits of the past.

To paraphrase Gandhi, build the change you want to see. And build it today.

Thank you, and I hope you will join me in forging a better future.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-21

  • YouTube pls? 😉 RT @rob_sheridan: Spider keeps building webs in doorway. He just likes watching my AAAAAIWALKEDTHROUGHASPIDERWEB dance. #
  • African Hunting Dogs are amazing. They have 80% success rate w hunts (lions have 20%) & take food back to young & sick at den. Incredible. #
  • These animals are beautiful! Going to post video of her climbing a very high pole for some meat later today. #dubbozoo #
  • Wow, for up close & personal w a Sumatra Tiger, photos to come! Loving the wild African dogs, elephants, wombats, so much awesome! #dubbozoo #
  • Fascinating RT @stephenodonnell: Fighting back against dictators shutting down the Internet #
  • You are now officially on my list 😉 MUST READ via @crystalsinger RT Have you seen this yet? #
  • Went into a pub in Dubbo tonight only to be rickrolled. Srsly uncool Dubbo. The worst was the 12yr old barman not understanding my rage. #
  • Ah Sydney, how I have missed thee 🙂 #
  • Currently listening to Blonde Redhead as recommended by a friend. Pretty cool 🙂 #music #
  • Am going to Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo today. So VERY excited! 🙂 Here with a good photographer friend so will post some stuff. #
  • Gorgeous morning in the blue mountains. Am out for a run. Love it! #
  • Most entertaining reporting of #qt ever RT @CrabbTwitsard: An easy rhyme! His words are music: To my ears, thank God – Ed Husic. #
  • Fascinating RT @maxious unlocked the Citizen Auditor achievement. Though Commonwealth Gazette hardly gov2 😉 #gov2au #
  • Treating myself to lunch today (at the Quince & Almond). Yum! #
  • A discussion point emerging for #govcampau is the importance of collab across govt. Should be interesting 🙂 #gov2au #
  • .@citizen_cam more money is always asked for, but I hope you have lots of other ideas for a 10yr strategic national cultural policy 🙂 #
  • .@jodiem Hmm, I'm optimistic. I see social media adoption in some traditionally highly conservative areas, ppl are starting to understand 🙂 #
  • .@jodiem Yeah, to be fair I think it's a matter of hearing horror stories, not understanding the medium & drawing uninformed conclusions. #
  • .@ibeardslee Heh, nah 🙂 I'm here to help raise all boats, naming and shaming rarely works 😉 #
  • .@jodiem Interestingly facebook/twitter was brought up as examples that "undermine" online mental health initiatives. Curiously out of touch #
  • Current great question from journo about CRC funding & how 'often linked to irrelevant things like patents'. Interesting #npc #mentalhealth #
  • Journo saying we don't tend to have cyberbullying amongst adults. Oh rly? #npc #
  • Listening to ?'s from press about helping young ppl with mental health using the internet. They're v skeptical <grin> #
  • RT @grmsn LinuxCon 2011 Keynotes Streamed Free – #geek #
  • After great feedback & edits, please check out "Without Warning" It's my fav so far 🙂 #music /cc @mideion @purserj #
  • Heh, that's me! 🙂 But only for the powers of good 😉 RT @kwebb: @piawaugh Mistress of misdirection B-) #
  • Clever but simple. Alacrity use mobile numbers as identifiers for users to create personalised interaction (through browser apps). #gov2au #
  • Alacrity at mobile gov event saying a mobile strategy doesn't just mean iPhone app. Giving useful advice about access/compatability #gov2au #
  • #gov2au RT @lubnaalam: How do we engage multiple users in one single screen ? Nsquared @mgovnicta #
  • Just saw an awesome collaborative app by nsquared for learning electronics for primary school kids. #gov2au #
  • .@jufemaiz add stuff to Wiki anyway and I'll make sure it is discussed. 🙂 there is also a datacamp happening in Brissie 24th Sept #gov2au #
  • Listening to guy from nsquared say that children using tech doesn't create isolation, they naturally work together/collaboratively #gov2au #
  • Gets me every time! </tinytantrum> RT @steve_evil: @piawaugh <insert joke about small stature meaning you're always under the rader here> #
  • RT @doneas: At gov e-cluster 3 x 10 min presentations on mobile government plus discussion #gov2au #
  • #gov2au RT @GovConnections Vivek Kundra, 1st US federal CIO, offers some parting thoughts on public service. #govcon #
  • I love wearing jeans at a suit event. I feel special, like an undercover agent… below the radar 😉 #
  • Currently in an event about Mobile Government by the eGov Tech Cluster at NICTA. Should be interesting #gov2au #
  • Fascinating RT @nicchristensen Looks like a interesting line up: Australia's 1st national investigative journalism conf #
  • Finding my media & #gov2au lists pretty vital for keeping up to date 🙂 Funny to see followers. Main tweet stream for occasional distraction #
  • Currently reading, considering wrt #gov2au RT @CentrePolicyDev Analysis of 20 yrs opinion research on public service #
  • .@benpobjie Don't let them push you out, otherwise they win 🙂 We'll have to compare war stories sometime 🙂 #
  • Having an incredible week. Lots of amazing & inspiring people to talk to, hang out with, learn from & occasionally share my own insights 🙂 #
  • .@bxmx Yeah np. I thought msg was just as relevant here 🙂 Many amazing peeps in gov doing awesome work, not always externally obvious :/ #
  • Heh, @Du4 you can't invoke politics and star wars together, then complain about the results 😉 #palpatinewasright #
  • Awww, puppy #Po enjoying some grass. Reminds me I need to see kung fu panda 2 soon 🙂 #
  • That's it, I'm leaving to eat something not disgusting. Thanks all! @GeordieGuy @paulwallbank @Davidramli @renailemay @j_hutch @ScottRhodie #
  • .@govfresh How could it not be!? 🙂 Hopefully recording and publishing everything will also make it useful beyond the day too #govcampau #
  • .@Reemski Hope you can come, would be great to have a local gov perspective 🙂 /cc @RuthEllison #govcampau #
  • Come on, an enormous Hummer with "No carbon tax" & "our democracy is dead". I do hope @grogsgamut gets a photo #noctrally #noctrly? #
  • The #govcampau registrations are already at 52 & there are only 100 places! So get in & register ppl! #gov2au #opengov #
  • .@Davidramli There's a place for quality analysis by journos who have unique position to follow info/trends /cc @renailemay @ScottRhodie #
  • FFS RT @joshgnosis RT @mcdonaldmatt Anti same sex marriage rally:"there is no greater evil than same sex marriage & it's a threat to us all" #
  • .@renailemay Hah! 🙂 I think tech reporting in Australia is quite high quality (& largely apolitical). Important to recognise & support 🙂 #
  • Telstra in NZ suggest "breaking monopolies" RT @lukehopewell TelstraClear CEO slams NZ's 3 strikes copyright law (ZDNet) #
  • Everybody in da house! RT @AuSenate @AboutTheHouse Senate dept is taking its first tentative steps on Twitter. Can we get a retweet? #gov2au #
  • .@alexkidman Surely, it can be both! A pointless gadget we buy because we WANTS it, so we make ourselves more productive to rationalise 😉 #
  • Ai knows!!! Is making me sad. RT @GreenJ so much spam this morning. #
  • Congrats! 🙂 RT @GrogsGamut From tmrw writing weekly posts @abcthedrum. Lots of graphs or protest signs. Whichever feels the most Drumish #
  • My band "Clamourous Penguins" are playing Thurs week at the Pot Belly. Hope to see some of you there! 🙂 #music #
  • Sometimes I wish I lived in Canberra. Simple but very useful. #gov2au #
  • I'm a little obsessed with this song atm but it is such an amazing remix! So I'm tweeting it again! #music #depechemode #
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  • Love it! You draw me in then make me giggle 🙂 RT damonism I think it's a reasonable heuristic for deciding someone is a nob #
  • .@Weinberg_for_PM Erk, auto-responses usually make me unfollow :/ #
  • .@Jim_Croft Yes, it'll be fun. Techie types talking to techie types. None of this fluffy "managerial" foo 😉 #gov2au #govcampau #opengov #
  • <grin> RT @benrhughes sometimes I'm frustrated I'm not represented by the left or right. Then I look at what they represent & feel better 😉 #
  • Is it bad that I choose to not follow anyone with the word "markets" in their profile (with one or two notable exceptions). #
  • Interesting blog RT @Gov2u Here's our take on #Cameron #039;s attempt to shut Social Media: #gov2au #opengov #
  • I just RT'd this, but it's fascinating. Obv there are points up for debate 🙂 @infobeautiful Left vs Right concept map #
  • .@Ragertarian I hope so! #govcampau needs @dannolan to have any semblence of credibility! 😉 PS – it would be awesome if you cld come Dan 🙂 #
  • Argh, I've never used Wikispaces before, does anyone know how to make it such that I don't have to approve new members? #govcampau #gov2au #
  • Good piece by @ashermoses RT Censoring mobiles and the net: how the West is clamping down via @smh #
  • .@stokely Yays! That's right folks, Gov 2.0 here in action 😉 I hope to get to ppl engaging gov at all levels so constructively 🙂 #gov2au #
  • OK #gov2au #gov20 #opengov & #opendata peeps, check it out! Sept 10th #govcampau will ROCK! See you there 🙂 #
  • Totally. Life is grey. RT @benrhughes well, people are people. They're multi-faceted. Sometimes awesome, sometimes not. But I still like em. #
  • Briefly saw @latikambourke on the TV this morning, yay you! 🙂 #
  • Need feedback on this song please. It's an early demo, but one of my favourites so far 🙂 "Without Warning" #music #
  • "Without Warning" – the most difficult song I've yet collaborated with @mideion on. It's a very difficult & tragic s… #
  • Haaa hahaha! Q: "Can you destroy the earth", The Tick "egads I hope not, that's where I keep all my stuff!" #

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  • I love garage sales. LOVE them 🙂 #
  • Is Oct long weekend 1st weekend in October? Is it a long weekend for all? Is Sydney to Adelaide too far for 3 days @moldor @Rog42 @zerohash #
  • Am at Pot Belly to listen to a few bands, including some friends of mine. Always fun to go out and gear some good Aussie music 🙂 #
  • Thanks @Steve_evil for the tour.@CanberraRep is awesome 🙂 Amazing work you've done with an empty old school hall! #
  • Zambrero, my favourite take away place in Canberra (right now) 🙂 Nommy Mexican food! #
  • Perfect Sat = sleep in (after mercy drive to Harden, friend didn't get off train @Yass), theatre, lunch, gym & Pot Belly for live music 🙂 #
  • Just put up another remix of "Not Sure" with better drums by @mideion mixed in. Forgot to put it up earlier 🙂 #
  • Yay! RT @KateLundy: Getting there….. on games classification! #r18 #
  • Got another song to release tonight (hopefully!). This is the hardest one I've yet had to write or record. Tells a tragic story :/ #
  • .@jclacherty Heh, I'm sure I'll get to that, just started from the start 🙂 "Gravity, she's a harsh mistress" 😀 #
  • Have just discovered The Tick, one of the funniest things ever. So much lols! #
  • Just got hold of the first Game of Thrones book, I may not sleep tonight 🙂 #
  • Going to see "Life X 3" at the theatre tomorrow. Looks great! Who else is going? /cc @CanberraRep @steve_evil #
  • RT @ideahive: RT @Mushin: Interesting if you're into collective (un)consciousness & self-organising groups & systems. #
  • Hah! RT @crystalsinger: lol. Outlook is all like, "DO NOT WANT MOAR EMAILZ!", you're just bein' mean to make it work. I'd bluescreen too 😉 #
  • Have to RT to #gov2au 🙂 @dnwallace: Clever Govt. engagement @myen #gov2 @census2011 #
  • So much awesome! RT @dnwallace: Clever Govt. engagement @myen #gov2 @census2011 #
  • OK, who of my awesome tweep or #fb friends are going to PyCon & live in Sydney? I know someone in need of couch to surf on for two nights 🙂 #
  • "My teeth snapped like trees" and now I feel ill. There are good reasons to never ask a wordsmith about a painful accident.#squeamish #
  • My work computer occasionally bluescreens when plugging Ethernet in. Troubleshooting it looks related to Outlook being open. Ridiculous #gar #
  • Wow RT @KateKendall: Must-read piece on UK riots by @rustyrockets: 'Big Brother isn’t watching you' – HT @whatjanesays #
  • Watching the watchers? RT @russellbuckley: Fascinating pic: Police apprehend suspect, surrounded by spectators' mobiles #
  • Great presentation about AR-UX: The generation of the pervasive User by @alexmyoung #tech #AR #geek 🙂 #
  • Awesome to catch up, and too rare! RT @trib: Back from very pleasant lunch with my friend @piawaugh #
  • .@mstremeski I never said he didn't use other swords, but he did beat many enemies armed only with wooden swords. Read book of five rings 😛 #
  • Yes show is annoying & Katie's assertions offensive, but some ppl *have* wanted to get involved & represent 🙂 /cc @aimee_maree @katsbud #
  • I largely concur @aimee_maree, esp wrt "some can be highly intelligent" <vomit> but @katsbud didn't do wrong thing… #
  • Interesting RT @wwjimd: #Tunisia A Digitally-Driven, Leaderless Revolution #
  • Musashi used a wooden sword, and he never lost #delayedawesomeanswers RT @tribalscientist: Oh, SCA? Not using metal weapons, then? #
  • Heh, totally 🙂 /cc @crystalsinger: @piawaugh Frakkin' bots! :-/ #
  • Totally! RT @daniels_den: @piawaugh What a BSG 'Frak' #fail by the bot. Shame the Firefly 'Goram' isn't more popular. #
  • And now to sleep, perchance to dream 🙂 Night world! #
  • And #bsg FAIL. I demand this bot be educamated! RT @_spell: @piawaugh 'Frak' could be Freak, Frank, Frag, Frau, Fray, Fran, Flak or Frat. #
  • Testing the relative 1337ness of a spelling bot. Frak (sp?) #
  • Wow! Tonight learnt some medieval swordcraft from a master. Had assumed a strength thing, but fascinating power generation + strategy 😀 #fb #
  • Enjoying remix of our song "Everything Dies". Diva (Featuring @Mideion) by Mario Gonzalez via #soundcloud #music #
  • RT @dizzydeep: Social media case study by Brisbane City Council #localgov SM use in emergency #
  • RT @tag_egov RT @digiphile: If open government is to be citizen-centric, it needs to be search-centric. http://fb... #
  • .@wombat1974 When people bring up that argument (& they do) I say we're creating more effective, efficient & engaging gov 😛 /cc @merejames #
  • .@merejames I think emergence of public servants engaging online (partic within their jobs) as doing that /cc @silkcharm @becsmog @dnwallace #
  • Ever listen to a song and you find your whole self responds to it? I love musical immersion 🙂 So many amazing musicians out there! #fb #
  • Interesting! Crikey series on "Quality Journalism" (by journalists so pinch of salt required <grin>) /via @crikey_news #
  • Interesting article RT @theriverfed There is a context to #LondonRiots that can't be ignored @guardian #
  • A happy puppy is a clean puppy 🙂 #Po #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

  • Today's awesomeness brought to me by the Cure, NIN, soundcloud, @mideion, Tea Party, Pixies, the Matrix soundtrack and the letter A 🙂 #
  • Spent the morning cleaning, now going to spend the afternoon playing (games, music, with puppy). Hooray for sunny weekend days! #
  • For the amusement of @Suni1i 🙂 #
  • Went into the store to get a clothes hamper. Came out with a kid sized wheelie bin because it was so cute. I'm just a big kid anyway 🙂 #
  • Haaa hahaha 🙂 RT @swearyanthony: @piawaugh freedom is the same as shiny, right? #
  • One of my favourite things about @soundcloud is finding incredible some remixes of songs I love. #depechemode #music #
  • This is cool, thanks @crikey_news Walk the world in one minute: #
  • Haha! 🙂 RT @steve_evil: @purserj @piawaugh everyone know that it's been plaits or nothing since the 4th dynasty #
  • I like your logic AJ 🙂 RT @ajtowns: @piawaugh war is just the way people with pigtails respond to not being taken seriously #
  • .@wireghoul ah, shall modify my hair then, ta muchly 😉 #
  • Why do ppl take you less seriously with pigtails? Don't they realise it is *the* hairstyle of choice for war? #makingstuffup #
  • Is it sad I'm actually considering buying this book? #ac2 #
  • Heh, Nero, Nemo, whatever! 🙂 #bookswithonelettermissing #
  • Neromancer – the heartwarming story of a cyber cowboy junkie who goes looking for a fish #bookswithonelettermissing #
  • LOL!! RT @crazyjane13: 'Necklace of terror'? REALLY, Today Tonight? #
  • Governor Alex Chernov says what better place to host #iawards than Melbourne, the tech capital of Australia. I feel healthy debate coming 🙂 #
  • Phew, got them all I think 🙂 #iawards #
  • #iawards for ICT educator of the year was Jo Stewart-Rattray (SA) #
  • #iawards for secondary school project goes to Villanova College for their Physics Engine (QLD) #
  • #iawards for security goes to Pure Hacking for PureWAF managed web app firewall service (NSW) #
  • #iawards for tourism and hospitality goes to Centium Software for GuestPoint (QLD) #
  • #iawards correction to sustainability & green it award actually goes to CSIRO Tasmanian ICT Centre for South ESL Hydrological Sensor #sorry #
  • #iawards for tools and infrastructure award goes to Transmax for STREAMS intelligent transport system (QLD) #
  • #iawards for R&D goes to Alacrity Technologies for closes loop environment for wireless (ACT) #
  • #iawards for sustainability & green IT goes to CSIRO ICT centre for Phenonet (ACT) #
  • #iawards for start up company goes to Trueoaks for 99dresses #
  • #iAwards for industrial application goes to Blast Movement Technologies (QLD) for Blast Movement Monitors #
  • #iAwards for financial industry application award goes to Suncorp & Thoughtworks (NSW) with merit to Auditflow Publishing #
  • #iAwards Export Achievement goes to CargoWise GLOW (NSW) #
  • #iawards for eLogistics and Supply Chain goes to SolveIT Software supply chain network optimiser #
  • #iawards for eLearning goes to Janison (NSW) cloud assessment with merit award for the Australian ehealth research centre #
  • #iawards for eInclusion & eCommumity goes to InfoExchange Australia (VIC) #
  • #iawards for eHealth went to the Australian ehealth research centre with merit to Edge Box #
  • #iAwards egovernment award went to Transmax, STREAMS motorway mgkt (qld) #
  • #iAwards Huawei Australia won the first award for communications #
  • Hah 🙂 RT @carolduncan: .@2011Census What about people who are, um, having a 'sleepover' at home of someone they shouldn't oughta be at??? #
  • Interesting RT @google: New: When patents attack Android. #
  • Woot! In ur tweets, bringing da awesums RT @2011Census: #AusCensus data reveals 98 per cent of @2011Census Twitter followers are awesome. #
  • Ian Birks (AIIA): Australia has leaders across the spectrum of technology innovation and business & the #iAwards recognise & celebrate this #
  • I love it how "live streaming" is so loosely interpreted these days… #
  • The 2011 iAwards are about to start, be interesting to see different category winners 🙂 #iAwards It's being recorded & put online later #
  • Currently looking at work for the Australia Centre for Broadband Innovation #iAwards #
  • .@normnz That comment was specific to context of R&D where collab nonexistent. Of course more commercial collab would be good 🙂 #iAwards #
  • .@sadieandlance NP 🙂 The recommendations being made are *very* interesting but they'll be online later I'm told. Will tweet later. #iAwards #
  • I've heard synergy and synergise several times in the last hour. Must. Stop. Brain. Exploding… #
  • John Grant: single biggest thing going wrong (with IT industry) is capability to collaborate. Let's get serious about it & fix it. #iAwards #
  • Jane Treadwell (eGovernment, ICT & Transformation, World Bank) currently discussing IT procurement & diff between BAU & innovation #iAwards #
  • Jane Treadwell saying how Cloud services & online App stores provide means for small innovative companies to get into gov market #iAwards #
  • John Grant, Chair of the IT Industry Innovation Council talking about innovation & the issue when only underpinned by fiscal policy #iAwards #
  • Dr Robertson: 3 skillsets needed for commercialisation: Research, Engineering & the skills to translate innovation to market use #iAwards #
  • OK Labs getting a shout out from Dr Phil Robertson at #iAwards as great developers of innovation (with Open Source) that have succeeded OS #
  • Dr Phil Robertson saying patents aren't everything, but are critical. #iAwards <- I feel patents are massively overrated wrt tech innovation #
  • Dr Phil Robertson (NICTA) Academics are rewarded on publications not implementation, diff skillset & needs consideration #iAwards #
  • Prof Reg Coutts: every time someone digs up some uranium or something everyone relaxes & goes back to old models. Need new models. #iAwards #
  • Prof Reg Coutts says in Australia ppl rarely want to hear about small innovative companies. Unis & NICTA could work better together #iAwards #
  • Interesting to hear about background of Australia Hears. Dr Saunders talking about diff between gov procurement vs investment. #iawards #
  • Speech at #iAwards panel on Australian innovation strengths (eg well educated, ease of biz setup) & weaknesses (eg collab, r&d funding). #
  • Currently rocking my morning #music #industrialdub #ting @soundcloud #
  • Nice RT @donkey: A winters day motorcycle commute can be such a drag (/cc @piawaugh) #manawatu #
  • Heh, awesome RT @VancianNotions: lord of the rigs – a conman's truck drivers epic journey. #bookswithonelettermissing #
  • .@kattekrab Poop :/ I need some other excellent friend in Melbourne to stay with. HAve a lovely trip and catch up when you're back 🙂 #
  • I *LOVE* @soundcloud! Just had someone remix a song I've collaborated on Original at #music <3 #
  • I don't know why ppl make a huge fuss over riding a motorbike in winter. It's extra work keeping hands warm & avoiding ice, but wonderful! #
  • Interesting RT @pgsimoes: Matt Damon Explains Why The Perception of Teachers Must Change [VIDEO] (@edudemic) #
  • RTing to #gov2au & #fb 🙂 HILARIOUS! RT @IDEALAW: Facebook will destroy your children's brains [or…not.] #
  • HILARIOUS! RT @IDEALAW: Facebook will destroy your children's brains [or…not.] /cc @tribalscientist #
  • Enjoying a drink at the phoenix in civic. A new fav handout methinks 🙂 #
  • Attended funeral service for Rob Chalmers. Lovely service with great stories from his life. 60yrs in Aus Press Gallery. Proud to be related. #
  • Am attending the iAwards in Melbourne on Thurs with @katelundy (AIIA, ACS & Pearcey awards event). Should be fun 🙂 #
  • Currently reading insightful speech by Terry Moran AO "Democracy and us" #gov2au #opengov #gov20 /via @ozloop #
  • .@aimee_maree Yeah, I'm the same 🙂 Hey @2011Census, any chance of the ability to have multiple ancestry options per parent? 🙂 #
  • This is brilliant. Beautiful graphics, funny, insightful, informative. Love it! Nice work @2011Census #gov2au #gov20 #
  • Yes! Totally! Where and when? Evening right? I have some super cool stuff to show you 🙂 Might be fun to have an informal group once a week? #
  • Playtimes are fun. For @br3nda @jdub #puppy #
  • Po is very glad to be home. He had his first stay in a kennel whilst I was away 🙂 /cc @Br3nda @jdub #sookydogs #
  • Sunny all week this week in Canberra, I'm going to ride Bumblebee (my motorbike) to work a bit I think 🙂 #woot #
  • .@SMinney It's still a good solution but not for problem of getting around (more so for the problem of others' entertainment) /cc @elerimai #
  • .@i386 ARGHLSGLSADKLKEOI!~!! </endshorttantrum> 😉 /cc @purserj #
  • .@RealNickHodge Wow, I'm not even angry, I'm impressed! 😉 /cc @swearyanthony #
  • Hah! You really captured it there. RT @wombat1974 "you raise a very interesting point, fuckknuckle. Please expound on it, dipshit." #
  • Wow, I love it when people abuse you, and then say "nah, I *do* wanna have a conversation". The lack of self awareness is incredible. #
  • Currently looking at winners of MyRegion photo competition. Some incredible photos from all around Australia! #pretty #
  • .@jzb Hah! That would totally rock, but I fear I have not yet earnt such a privilege. Watch this space 😉 /cc @garethgreenaway #
  • Back at work, wading thru mountains of email, news, events, briefs. Perhaps should caffeinate seeing I've been up since 0400 (flew from Tas) #
  • I'm going to NICTA eGov event on mobile government on 17th Aug, thought some #gov2au peeps might be interested 🙂 #gov20 #
  • Free wireless, coffee, headphones+awesome music, new msgs from friends: these are a few of my fav things (waiting for plane at Melb airport) #
  • Back online & back to work this morning. Had amazing week in Tasmania, another step closer to starting a martial arts school in Canberra 😀 #
  • Yesterday I saw someone I hadn't seen for 15 yrs who told me I looked exactly the same. Looks like the alchemy lessons paid off 😉 #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

  • More Launceston. Very pretty. Back at work on Monday. #
  • Hanging out in beautiful Launceston. #
  • For the martial arts peeps, check out my Shi Fu's 18 Hands of Lohan & Linked Rings Boxing #kungfu #
  • Note to all friends with little girls, check out "The Fairies", Aussie kids franchise. Opening in Canberra tmrw 🙂 #
  • Thank you to @NathanFillion for his noble quest to #endswampass #geek #gamer #
  • Rob Chalmers, veteran journalist died yesterday. An inspiring passionate man who served the press gallery for 60 yrs #fb #
  • Thanks all. :`/ Sad when you lose someone awesome, esp when you could have spent more time with them. @ashulz @camcgr @davidramli #
  • Just got some awful news :/ Not having phone access meant finding out badly. We should take opps when we get them & not wait until too late. #
  • Rob Chalmers is incredible. 60 yrs in the press gallery – a treasure of knowledge He's my cousin, I hope he recovers :/ #
  • Just watched first episode of My Little Pony cartoon on recommendation & it is hilarious 🙂 I'm on holidays! 😛 #
  • K, bedtime now. #
  • One of the things I love about Youtube is quickly finding & listening to music. Currently listening to #depechemode #fb #
  • Sorry, just one more. Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and John Carpenter. Lovely remix on #soundcloud #music #fb #cantsleep #
  • Just found a beautiful remix of Depeche Mode, Florence and the Machine & Imogen Heap on #soundcloud Enjoy 🙂 #music #fb #
  • Wow, bbpress (forum plugin) is really quite nice. Yay for WordPress integration & in this case s2members integration (Kung Fu school). #
  • Currently listening to NIN remixes and doing some website work. I love holidays 🙂 You can do whatever you like! See 🙂 #
  • I shall work on it, I'm here another 4 days, should be enough 😉 @trib @DavidBromage #
  • .@trib Hah, @davidbromage just beat you to the same joke! 🙂 #
  • Have been visiting horses today, reading Kung Fu texts, entertaining a 4 yr old, training and cooking. Feeling awesome. #perfectday #
  • Just had a friend's 4 year old girl quote CJ from West Wing to me. So much teh awesome! 🙂 #
  • This is ridiculous and hilarious! "We're from Tassie… Our bogans will stab you" #newyork #
  • Just was told about Lounge Against The Machine. Too funny 🙂 #music #
  • In Tasmania having an amazing time training and hanging with my Kung Fu Master & his family, but stuck with 0 (yes, 0!) mobile coverage. #fb #
  • Heading down to Launceston (Tas) for a week to train with my kung fu master. Should be fun 🙂 Esp given my snow boarding bruises <grin> #
  • Trying so hard to not feed the trolls, but cannot believe the audacity of ppl trying to capitalise on #Oslo tragedy to spread hate speech. #
  • Awful title but interesting post, esp for those who question value of pseudonyms RT @bug_girl: Why Google+ hates women #
  • Interesting RT @TonySearl: Why we should abolish the university exam via @ConversationEDU #
  • Wow, awesome! RT @avancampen: So. Cool. RT @MFBorman: Very cool in-car augmented reality! » #
  • You need more buffer 😉 RT @jethrocarr: dd if=/dev/flat/heater of=/dev/jethro/body <— even with bs=20M, I'm still not getting warm 🙁 #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24

  • Anyone in or willing to travel to Melbourne keen to go the the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera (27 Aug)? 🙂 #tragic #
  • Having either a big birthday bash (Oct) or 5th Nov party. In either case it'd be a masked ball in a theatre. Who's in? 🙂 #fb Deets to come! #
  • After several years of owning them, I've finally put up some paintings by my awesome friend Sue 🙂 #fb #homemaking #
  • "Breathe" remix, now with additional rock added. Would love feedback please! 🙂 #soundcloud #music #
  • Stuch saying Aus having fossil fuels industry boom conflicts with reducing carbon footprint. He's confusing exports w consumption. #insiders #
  • It's interesting how there is a lot of talk about privacy, but the T&Cs of online tools is hardly considered until things go wrong #insiders #
  • Joining a Google+ "hangout" for #insiders Currently waiting and having to install plugin… See how it goes. #
  • MWAH HAHA. My fav is "Caution, THIS IS SPARTA!" Cross posting from Google+ due to no integration 😉 /via @loquacities #
  • I live my new t-shirt, thanks @katsbud 🙂 I won it at a #girlgeekdinner ages ago. Have to go again now 🙂 /cc @sundress #
  • And I could use practise 😉 RT @swearyanthony: @Bondles careful. If you mock @piawaugh she turns into the cutest little killer ninja ever. #
  • Relaxing in a hot hot bath after 2 days boarding at perisher. Awesome. Going again asap 🙂 #
  • Had a wonderful weekend boarding. Today took a very fast blue run and nailed it! Squealed all the way down 🙂 #
  • So much the awesome RT @ConwayH: Oh yes @piawaugh @louisevmorris #
  • Hanging at the snow with @sundress today 🙂 had an awesome time. #
  • Girl geeks go to the snow 🙂 /cc @sundress @katsbud #
  • I am amused. #angrybirds @ toys r us #
  • Stunning subset in yass 🙂 #
  • Due to some pikers I have a spare 2 free places in a cabin at Perisher this Friday night. Anyone want to come skiing/boarding? 🙂 DM me. #
  • Sucker Punch: wow! Incredible movie. Visually stunning, amazing action, dark, disturbing. Highly recommend. Incredible music too. #
  • Just saw some boys practising Parkour in Yass. Awesome. I need to get training 🙂 #
  • Saw Bridesmaids last night, excellent movie 🙂 particularly awesome to see the cute guy from IT crowd in a good role 🙂 #
  • Yest I went on a horse ride in Canberra. Turns out ACT has some weird legislation about not going above a trot on public horse rides. Argh! #
  • Heh, cool RT @brainpicker So you know, every sci-fi ship to scale /VIA @abigailbelfrage #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17

  • .@camcgr Totally :/ But on the flip side, I got to stay in my warm cocoon of a bed 🙂 Always a silver lining I say 😉 #
  • Ooh, a project to create open real-time collaborative video suite. 13 days left for pledges. Check it out /via @iluciv #
  • .@allanonau Heh, sure 🙂 I'm just having a moment of total respect for all you parents 😉 #
  • Just had friends stay for a few nights. 3 kids can really generate a lot of washing up!!! #
  • Watching series 2 of Beached Az (thx YouTube), my fav one so far is the clams. Oy, gimme a beat. #
  • Awesome. RT @sebsharp: Carpe DM #twittersayings #
  • Cool RT @neerav: Reading: about origins of the quote from #spiderman "With great power comes great responsibility." #
  • There is a new cool robot at questacon. Interesting discovery: when robot eyes turn red, you instinctively step back and assume danger 🙂 #
  • Having an awesome 24 hours, catching with lots of awesome ppl 🙂 #
  • Woke up at 5, unable to get back to sleep. Why?!? #grumble Going to try to continue with my blog on online culture over the weekend 🙂 #
  • .@fayezgase no problem 🙂 Our welding with the internet dies remind me of this tho 😉 #
  • Interesting article, amazing how our minds adapt to new tools & opps: search engines replace memory #
  • .@maxious It's worth remembering gov is always a work in progress. Current status /= fait accompli /cc @sherro58 @alankerlin @craigthomler #
  • .@sherro58 fair point but I think there's diff between bashing & raising concerns. Obv there's ses leaders too /cc @alankerlin @craigthomler #
  • Want! Where did you get it? 🙂 RT @haikugirlOz: Kisses from my nephew after he received his angry birds Tshirt #awesome #
  • <blush> Thx! 🙂 RT @gavintapp: Great discussion happening at #gov2au lunch on online trust and reputation. @piawaugh is smart lady. #
  • Margaret: diff media for diff demographics. For example, young ppl (under 22) aren't on Twitter. #gov2au I think this needs community devel #
  • Margaret talking about AR, gamification, mobile devices, social media, geo location, the cluetrain manifesto. #gov2au #
  • Margaret: young ppl are not limited by our perceptions of what the web is. Australia us streets ahead of the UK with this stuff. #gov2au #
  • Margaret (Reading Room): we are at a fundamental tipping point, social media. I think she's saying the mainstreaming of social media #gov2au #
  • Hah!! Today is Embrace Your Geekiness Day. I've got #gov2au lunch, #BSG Python & gaming planned. Et tu? 🙂 #fb #EYGD #
  • Haha, scrabble slogan: "it's your word against ours!" #
  • I'm an aunty!!! I can feel the weight of responsibility already 😉 Congrats to Touie & Chrissie with their baby girl, born last night. #fb #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-10

  • Does this count as 'fair use'? Six strike story as previously mentioned. #
  • .@grumpymojo yeah. It says AT&T, Verizon, Comcast corp. #
  • Looks like it, paywall RT @tericee: @purserj This may be it, but I can't say for sure since I don't have subscription. #
  • Wow, on page 13 of the fin review today a tiny article saying several ISPs are implementing a six strike rule. Scary. #openinternet #
  • Preach brother RT @lukehopewell: I hate you, YouTube pre-roll ads #
  • Was reminded of one if my fav snl clips earlier. Natalie Portman, rapping. #awesome #
  • Sometimes there is nothing better than hanging in your own house, puppy for company + good movie. Just finished 4th resident evil, love it! #
  • Currently on a lively motorbike ride out to bungendore. Stunning day, just a little windy. 🙂 #
  • Bought some fancy new shoes today, so if anyone has a fancy event I can come along to in the coming 3 weeks, I have boots and can travel 🙂 #
  • I'm excited! Only weeks to go 🙂 RT @alexmyoung: squeaky, windblown and perfect /cc @piawaugh #
  • Just watched someone buy 4 chocolate bars and a diet coke. Had to giggle. #
  • I remixed our latest Gibson song, the one about Jonas the cyborg dolphin and war, enjoy 🙂 #music /cc @mideion #
  • Nice remix of The Fragile #NIN #music #
  • Have rewatched Resident Evil and Underworld series over the last week. Inspired me to out running longer and to gym, got a way to go 😉 #
  • Heh, love the #firefly one 🙂 RT @cheeky_geeky: The funniest #AskObama tweets – (RT @HuffPostComedy) #
  • Ooh, sounds interesting 🙂 RT @deangroom: Submission going up. Using Quake over Second Life for Transmedia Learning #
  • Wow, virgin mobile just silently changed me to automatic credit card payments wo permission & then charged me to fix it. Unbelievable. #
  • Day three of my holiday and I'm already going stir crazy. Methinks I need to get out and about. I'm off to the gym 🙂 #fb #
  • Very excited, getting my very large print of a polar bear soon 🙂 From Beautiful and inspiring photos of the Arctic! #
  • OK, am now playing with Google Plus, will Tweet progress updates 🙂 #
  • Hah! Or Apocalypse Ow… RT @thomasrdotorg Apocalypse No #moviesthatarebetterminusoneletter #
  • Hey @cagetheelephant, is it possible to buy your 2009 album just for download rather than through iTunes? I saw I could with the new album. #
  • Another song for music (& games) lovers out there! Ain't no rest for the wicked #borderlands @CageTheElephant #
  • Heh, forgivable *only* when it's the Blues Brothers, right? 😉 RT @purserj "we've got both kinds of music. Country and western" #
  • Got this in my head, so thought I'd share 🙂 Rollin' rollin' rollin' #
  • Attended US Embassy 4th July celebrations. Walking away w Yankee cap and American gangster dvd set. Surreal but fun 🙂 #
  • Haha, when zombie movie meets soft rock RT @chrisjrn I BLESS THE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS #toto #
  • .@JohnFMoore: @jasonbirch @piawaugh 🙂 Australia and the UK IMO are neck and neck. Spain is doing gr8 for #opendata #gov2au #
  • Watched the new Transformers movie, was fun 🙂 Best part was watching Alan Tudyk combine Wash and Alpha so well 😉 #firefly #dollhouse #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • Thx for sharing, gar RT @electric589: Sorry, I can't handle being the only one with Toto's Africa stuck in my head #doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo #
  • Currently hanging with a good friend, drinking good red wine, talking about life, sci fi, music, bodhisattvas & how we all trick ourselves. #
  • Impressive! RT @NanoPunk: Holy shit what a list #voiceactor #videogames #
  • Fascinating RT @wikileaks: WikiLeaks to sue Visa, MasterCard for 'US influenced financial blockade' #
  • Not what I expected 🙂 RT @AusIT: #News #Technology Prime real estate rampage bill set at $8bn #Australia #
  • Some of my favourite things about waking up in Sydney: awesome friends, sunny mild winter mornings (without ice), suski, Ericyes, beaches 😀 #
  • Heh, awesome! Thx 😀 RT @DavidLMackie: @PiaWaugh When I first saw you …: I was really impressed. #
  • "In your room where time stands still…" I do love me some depeche mode 🙂 #
  • Interesting reading RT Leaks, sources and passing the salt | Inside Story: via @AddThis #
  • OK, so who is coming to see me play tonight at the Pot Belly in Belconnen? Should be fun 🙂 #music #
  • Funny on many levels RT @iTnews_au News Corp sells Myspace at bargain price: Justin Timberlake among the buyers. #
  • My new sounds: Echoes II (remixed voice down) on #SoundCloud #
  • Yeah? Will give that a go. Thx! RT @John_Hanna Change the background image, it helps improve it 🙂 <- re not liking new Google search look #
  • I do not like the new Google search look. Sorry. #
  • Just RT-ing this to #fb SO MUCH AWESOME! Thx @Jerub
    Bwahahaha, This is awesome: My Little Serenity: #
  • Interesting Google+ article about features #
  • Interesting RT @lods1211: The weird, secret, world of Australian classification laws | RT @abcthedrum #AusLaw #
  • Just had dream: driving car & went off road, fell into chasm of deep thick mud, car sunk to bottom & I had to crawl/swim out. I'm awake! #fb #
  • Anyone wanting to hear my little band play should come to Pot Belly (Belco) this Thursday night, from 9pm 🙂 Should be fun! #fb #music #
  • BAD MAN! But the link is good 🙂 RT @OZloop "How democratic is the European Union?" #gov2au #
  • Yay ducks! #
  • Finally got around to watching the Drawn Together movie. Cringe-worthy, hilarious, offensive, fantastic! Send complaints to @paris_david #
  • Yay! 😀 RT @nambor now it has an html5 audiovisualiser for it 8) I'm sure you can create more expressive imagery though! #
  • Anyone wanting to hear my little band play should come along to the Pot Belly this Thursday night, from 9pm 🙂 Should be fun! #fb #music #
  • Another song done! This is for the William Gibson compilation. Based on Jones, the cyborg war dolphin /cc @greatdismal #
  • New song uploaded! This one is based on Jones, the cyborg war dolphin from Johnny Mnemonic. Enjoy! 🙂 : Echoes in Space #
  • $340k, wow I'm in the wrong business 😉 RT 4 Month Social Media campaign /cc @purserj @hyperbrendan # #
  • RT to biz hours 🙂 Feedback/comments welcome! New post: Online Culture – Part 1: Unicorns and Doom #
  • Had relaxing day. Jogged, watched Heat, blogged, cooked korma & daal, did Gung Fu (pole) & rewatched Scott Pilgrim vs the World #awse #fb #