Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24

  • Anyone in or willing to travel to Melbourne keen to go the the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera (27 Aug)? 🙂 #tragic #
  • Having either a big birthday bash (Oct) or 5th Nov party. In either case it'd be a masked ball in a theatre. Who's in? 🙂 #fb Deets to come! #
  • After several years of owning them, I've finally put up some paintings by my awesome friend Sue 🙂 #fb #homemaking #
  • "Breathe" remix, now with additional rock added. Would love feedback please! 🙂 #soundcloud #music #
  • Stuch saying Aus having fossil fuels industry boom conflicts with reducing carbon footprint. He's confusing exports w consumption. #insiders #
  • It's interesting how there is a lot of talk about privacy, but the T&Cs of online tools is hardly considered until things go wrong #insiders #
  • Joining a Google+ "hangout" for #insiders Currently waiting and having to install plugin… See how it goes. #
  • MWAH HAHA. My fav is "Caution, THIS IS SPARTA!" Cross posting from Google+ due to no integration 😉 /via @loquacities #
  • I live my new t-shirt, thanks @katsbud 🙂 I won it at a #girlgeekdinner ages ago. Have to go again now 🙂 /cc @sundress #
  • And I could use practise 😉 RT @swearyanthony: @Bondles careful. If you mock @piawaugh she turns into the cutest little killer ninja ever. #
  • Relaxing in a hot hot bath after 2 days boarding at perisher. Awesome. Going again asap 🙂 #
  • Had a wonderful weekend boarding. Today took a very fast blue run and nailed it! Squealed all the way down 🙂 #
  • So much the awesome RT @ConwayH: Oh yes @piawaugh @louisevmorris #
  • Hanging at the snow with @sundress today 🙂 had an awesome time. #
  • Girl geeks go to the snow 🙂 /cc @sundress @katsbud #
  • I am amused. #angrybirds @ toys r us #
  • Stunning subset in yass 🙂 #
  • Due to some pikers I have a spare 2 free places in a cabin at Perisher this Friday night. Anyone want to come skiing/boarding? 🙂 DM me. #
  • Sucker Punch: wow! Incredible movie. Visually stunning, amazing action, dark, disturbing. Highly recommend. Incredible music too. #
  • Just saw some boys practising Parkour in Yass. Awesome. I need to get training 🙂 #
  • Saw Bridesmaids last night, excellent movie 🙂 particularly awesome to see the cute guy from IT crowd in a good role 🙂 #
  • Yest I went on a horse ride in Canberra. Turns out ACT has some weird legislation about not going above a trot on public horse rides. Argh! #
  • Heh, cool RT @brainpicker So you know, every sci-fi ship to scale /VIA @abigailbelfrage #

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