Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-17

  • .@camcgr Totally :/ But on the flip side, I got to stay in my warm cocoon of a bed 🙂 Always a silver lining I say 😉 #
  • Ooh, a project to create open real-time collaborative video suite. 13 days left for pledges. Check it out /via @iluciv #
  • .@allanonau Heh, sure 🙂 I'm just having a moment of total respect for all you parents 😉 #
  • Just had friends stay for a few nights. 3 kids can really generate a lot of washing up!!! #
  • Watching series 2 of Beached Az (thx YouTube), my fav one so far is the clams. Oy, gimme a beat. #
  • Awesome. RT @sebsharp: Carpe DM #twittersayings #
  • Cool RT @neerav: Reading: about origins of the quote from #spiderman "With great power comes great responsibility." #
  • There is a new cool robot at questacon. Interesting discovery: when robot eyes turn red, you instinctively step back and assume danger 🙂 #
  • Having an awesome 24 hours, catching with lots of awesome ppl 🙂 #
  • Woke up at 5, unable to get back to sleep. Why?!? #grumble Going to try to continue with my blog on online culture over the weekend 🙂 #
  • .@fayezgase no problem 🙂 Our welding with the internet dies remind me of this tho 😉 #
  • Interesting article, amazing how our minds adapt to new tools & opps: search engines replace memory #
  • .@maxious It's worth remembering gov is always a work in progress. Current status /= fait accompli /cc @sherro58 @alankerlin @craigthomler #
  • .@sherro58 fair point but I think there's diff between bashing & raising concerns. Obv there's ses leaders too /cc @alankerlin @craigthomler #
  • Want! Where did you get it? 🙂 RT @haikugirlOz: Kisses from my nephew after he received his angry birds Tshirt #awesome #
  • <blush> Thx! 🙂 RT @gavintapp: Great discussion happening at #gov2au lunch on online trust and reputation. @piawaugh is smart lady. #
  • Margaret: diff media for diff demographics. For example, young ppl (under 22) aren't on Twitter. #gov2au I think this needs community devel #
  • Margaret talking about AR, gamification, mobile devices, social media, geo location, the cluetrain manifesto. #gov2au #
  • Margaret: young ppl are not limited by our perceptions of what the web is. Australia us streets ahead of the UK with this stuff. #gov2au #
  • Margaret (Reading Room): we are at a fundamental tipping point, social media. I think she's saying the mainstreaming of social media #gov2au #
  • Hah!! Today is Embrace Your Geekiness Day. I've got #gov2au lunch, #BSG Python & gaming planned. Et tu? 🙂 #fb #EYGD #
  • Haha, scrabble slogan: "it's your word against ours!" #
  • I'm an aunty!!! I can feel the weight of responsibility already 😉 Congrats to Touie & Chrissie with their baby girl, born last night. #fb #

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