Open Source Tasmania, and beyond!

So I’m pretty pleased to see not one, but several Australia State Governments with Open Source initiatives. The most recent to come to my attention is Open Source Tasmania, who are having a conference in a week that I’ll be going to (and speaking at a focus group the night before). This’ll rock! We also have Open Source NSW, and Opensource WA. Open Source Victoria isn’t a Government agency, but it is Government funded which is a good step. AGIMO have been quite knowledgable about this space for a while, and the ASK-OSS project is also Government funded. I think the message is getting through and particularly after the last few days (and in anticipation of tomorrow) I am very optimistic that Open Source has gathered momentum in business and Government in a serious way. Now we get to see all the projects people have been working on for years popping out of the woodwork.

Rock on Australia!