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Why Australian trials are important to the OLPC vision

I’ve been asked a few times why OLPC deployments in Australia are relevant to the OLPC vision. I thought I’d do a blog post about what OLPC Friends is trying to achieve in supporting local projects, and why I’ve been … Continue reading

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Interviews with teachers about OLPC benefits

I did some short interviews with some of the teachers at one of the Australian trial sites talking about how they are using the XOs in the classroom and some of the benefits the students are experiencing. Very cool stuff! … Continue reading

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Volunteers needed for OLPC projects in PNG – February 2009

This is a general call for anyone interested in volunteering to help with OLPC deployments to remote areas in PNG (Papua New Guinea). There is a lot of information on the progress of trials throughout the Pacific including PNG here. … Continue reading

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Australia’s first OLPC trial – technical documentation

I’ve been involved in rolling out Australia’s first OLPC XO trial, which has been awesome! Although the details aren’t public knowledge yet I thought I’d post all the technical documentation (with permission) which I’m sure will help others! We have … Continue reading

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Catch up, and what’s to come!

This last 3 weeks have been insane. So much cool stuff, and I keep thinking “I need to blog about this or that, and then not making the time! Below is a quite recap of the cool stuff I’ve done … Continue reading

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Hooray! Videochat is working!

So after loads of work and testing, we now have a VideoChat app for OLPC that really works Check it out! It is a core part of a trial I’m working on, which isn’t quite yet public news, but more … Continue reading

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VideoChat – OLPC Activity

I am working on a really interesting OLPC XO/XS trial (all to be revealed soon!) where the main lynchpin demonstration is the VideoChat activity. We are certainly looking at the educational benefits, the interesting impact on truancy, and opportunities for … Continue reading

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Interview about SFD and OLPC

Today I had a great interview with the wonderful James Purser on the Open Source on the air (OSOTA) show. Check it out! Thanks James, it was a lot of fun

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Barry Vercoe on OLPC – 16th May talk

One Laptop per Child – Empowering children and communities Barry Vercoe from the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) project will be giving a talk about the project on Friday the 16th May. Barry will talk about projects he has been … Continue reading

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Education or a well?

Recently I heard a story which really demonstrated to me the value of education over materials. A colleague of mine sponsors a village in Africa. He has helped them with projects like building a schoolhouse and other basic needs for … Continue reading

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