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OLPC deployments – a global approach

Cross-posted from OLPC Friends. I’ve been involved with a couple of OLPC XO deployments now, and the experiences have been extremely fun and satisfying. One of the issues I have faced was simply trying to connect with other deployments to … Continue reading

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First test of OLPC XOs in remote Australian Indigenous community

Sokar Phillpot and Horatio Davis took several XO laptops into a remote Indigenous community called Pormpuraaw (Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, Australia) to see how the children would respond. They had some great results and the local community there are … Continue reading

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Getting access to XOs in Australia/New Zealand

I just wrote a blog post for OLPC Friends Oceania about getting access to OLPC XO devices in Australia and New Zealand:

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OLPC BOF – community meetup, discussion and paths for the region

On Friday afternoon is an OLPC BOF at in Hobart, Tasmania. It’s an open public discussion, and will involve folks from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, as well as from OLPC and Sugar Labs. The idea behind the … Continue reading

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Sign up for Walter’s talk about Sugar at 2009

The heading says it all Sign up at

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OLPC deployment meetups

As a person running some OLPC trials, I have been struck by the lack of communication and technical peer support of deployments. I thought it would be useful to kick off weekly meetups between people doing deployments to share knowledge, … Continue reading

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Upcoming OLPC Events in Australia & New Zealand

There are a bunch of interesting OLPC events coming up, including some test parties around Australia and New Zealand next Saturday the 20th December! Check out the OLPC Friends events page for more details. Help make OLPC even better for … Continue reading

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Replacing the screen in an XO

I had one XO with a screwy screen and another XO that was DOA (dead on arrival). So just now I used the excellent XO disassembly documentation on to make the switch

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Evaluating an EBox 4863 for OLPC XS server

I’m in the process of evaluating a really awesome little machine called the EBox 4863.They are small, have no fans or moving parts (apart from when you put a laptop hard disk in), and will likely suit both urban and … Continue reading

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Awesome interview about OLPC in the Pacific

A fantastic two part interview with Ian Thomson (works for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, and is in charge of the OLPC deployments in the Pacific) and Michael Hutak (OLPC Director, Oceania). OLPC Friends supports all the awesome work … Continue reading

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