Interviews with teachers about OLPC benefits

I did some short interviews with some of the teachers at one of the Australian trial sites talking about how they are using the XOs in the classroom and some of the benefits the students are experiencing. Very cool stuff! Many thanks to Warwick and Deirdre for their time and enthusiasm!

Spelling with the OLPC XO

Literacy improvements with the OLPC XO

Making ongoing diaries with the OLPC XO

ICT skills gained with the OLPC XO

Gorgeous diary by 8yo XO recipient in Australia

As many of you know, I’ve been working on Australia’s first OLPC trial, which is in place, and now I’m just waiting for their go ahead to talk about it more publicly. In the meantime, I couldn’t wait to blog this charming diary entry by one of the XO recipients at one of the schools we’re working with. I’ve transcribed it below. I’ve corrected the spelling in my transcription 🙂

“Monday 28th September 08 – Today it is an exciting day because Pia and Colin have come to our school to do some work with us. Pia and Colin are going to give us a talk about all the things they have hooked up to our new laptops. We are also going to play some games. Pia and Colin have set up the Internet on our new laptops. The Primary’s (9-12 yr olds) are going to have a meeting with Pia and Colin to tell them what they have done with the laptops to help us learn better. After the Primary’s have had their meeting we are going to have our meeting with Pia. It is a fantastic day and it is a world first event!!! I am so excited so I will use my laptop every day.”



AWWWW!!! 🙂 Colin and I were also given a merit award and sticker for the project from the kids. I love doing OLPC projects 🙂