Volunteers needed for OLPC projects in PNG – February 2009

This is a general call for anyone interested in volunteering to help with OLPC deployments to remote areas in PNG (Papua New Guinea). There is a lot of information on the progress of trials throughout the Pacific including PNG here. Flights and accommodation are intended on being provided and volunteers should be prepared to work hard and also have an amazing experience! I personally volunteered for a week in Niue (Pacific) and had an incredible time that was also really satisfying to help all the children there.

You would be working with David Leeming and Ian Thomson from SPC, who are wonderful, and they have a lot of experience rolling out OLPC throughout the Pacific in line with the cultural, education and other needs of the communities there.

To volunteer, please sign up on the OLPC Friends Volunteer WIKI page, where David and Ian will be looking for people.

You can also get more OLPC related resources including forums and mailing lists from the OLPC Friends website. Remember, it is a growing community driven organisation, so put your boots on and help out :)

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4 Responses to Volunteers needed for OLPC projects in PNG – February 2009

  1. Hi Pia,

    Where can I find some more details? I’m curious to know when in February it is, what sort of work is required of a volunteer (before, during, after deployment) and what expertise a volunteer should have?


  2. Thanks for that Pia, have left them my details. :)

  3. 19zim says:

    I’d like to ask, if i become the volunteer in PNG, do i have to use my own money for transportation and food? I can’t afford that because I still a university students…


  4. David Lavery says:

    I am looking to become a volunteer with the OLPC, but i am unable to volunteer in february. Will you be doing any projects in the summer time? Around may to august?


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