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lca2011 talk: Applying martial arts in real life

Below is a talk I gave in the Haecksen miniconf at 2011 (Brisbane). I’ve tried to embed some videos and links that would be useful and interesting to people, and I’ll link the video of the talk once that’s … Continue reading

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Catch up, and what’s to come!

This last 3 weeks have been insane. So much cool stuff, and I keep thinking “I need to blog about this or that, and then not making the time! Below is a quite recap of the cool stuff I’ve done … Continue reading

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TechFest, TechGirls, GeekGirls and Software Freedom

The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY! After getting back from my incredible Gung Fu week away, It was straight into everything. I flew back Saturday night, Sunday morning Jeff and I ran an OLPC TechFest in Sydney which … Continue reading

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Eyes wide open

Last week was an amazing week. I had an incredibly instructive, inspiring and mind-awakening week studying with a Shaolin Gung Fu Master who has had quite an influence in my life. I started studying Gung Fu when I was almost … Continue reading

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