Replacing the screen in an XO

I had one XO with a screwy screen and another XO that was DOA (dead on arrival). So just now I used the excellent XO disassembly documentation on to make the switch :)

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6 Responses to Replacing the screen in an XO

  1. Mark says:

    Mine arrived with 3 bad pixels, but is still quite readable.

    Would you recommend I replace the screen, or just make do with it?

    The primary user is my 4-year-old Korean daughter.


    • greebo says:

      Hi Mark, if it was me with only 3 bad pixels I probably wouldn’t replace the screen, but only because it’d hard to get hold of a new one :) Does she find the 3 pixels a big probkem? If so you should replace it, because any impediment to a child using the laptop is a problem worth solving. If no

  2. Mark says:

    Honestly, she doesn’t even notice…only I do. In that case, I’ll just stick with it unless she starts to notice.


  3. Mel says:

    Yay, repairs!

    I was going to send you the ILXO videos of bottom and top XO half disassembly, but since you found the wiki page with the video I’m guessing you already know about them.

    There is a repairs mailing list at – it’s been quite inactive as of late, but all of the people on it ran (and in many cases still run) grassroots repair centers of their own.

  4. Great to read your posts about hardware rebuilding. It is great to see you have the courage to take an XO-1 laptop apart for repairs then blog the experience. Somehow it reminds me how people in third world countries have come up with their own manuals for the cannibalism, salvage and repair of old mobile phones.

  5. BuzzMoo says:

    I’ve put the two XOs through their paces with kids of all kinds and I still have not needed to conduct any repairs.. a spare XO as a spare parts kit makes perfect sense!

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