Awesome interview about OLPC in the Pacific

A fantastic two part interview with Ian Thomson (works for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, and is in charge of the OLPC deployments in the Pacific) and Michael Hutak (OLPC Director, Oceania). OLPC Friends supports all the awesome work happening in the Pacific and hopes to be able to assist with knowledge, volunteers, support and more.

They talk about what is happening in the various countries, and the challenges of meeting the needs of the Pacific, specifically PNG where the country has committed to every child receiving an OLPC. Awesome work Michael and Ian!

And another Sydney-based champion is Pia Waugh, an expert on open source who has just launched a local organisation called OLPC Friends which is focussing on community development in the region and building a community of practice for tech developers, users, and teachers

I think this describes OLPC Friends quite nicely. Thanks Ian and Michael!

3 thoughts on “Awesome interview about OLPC in the Pacific”

  1. I think the first step is to tell everyone about the OLPC then figure out who got interest with this project.

    The next step maybe dealing with the ministry or maybe do it off the book, directly to the school. Adopt a school which most suitable to deploy the OLPC project.

    Find some public figure to promote the importance of OLPC and how it help child’s education

    Right now, the problem is, most of Malaysia citizen don’t know the existence of OLPC maybe because the don’t understand what it is.

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