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We Seize!…. when we get organised.

December 12, 2003 By pipka

So the Activists meetings happening downtown (see and has some interesting aspects. I have a few gripes, firstly they are not organised particularly well, when you are passionate about something, being organised about it is a must 🙂 secondly, one of the big philosophies floating around is of the Yomango dudes, who basically […]

WSIS Corporate Vs WSIS underground

December 11, 2003 By pipka

I have spent the last few days at WSIS working at the LPI booth, chatting to corporate and government types about open source. I assisted in the LPI presentation by presenting a business case for adopting the open source methodology. It has been great in terms of getting the right message across, speaking to HEAPS […]


December 11, 2003 By pipka

6th Dec – Linux Australia Meeting Meeting with Linux Australia ctte (except Leon and Anand). Went extremely well! While we have not done everything we wanted to do, we have managed to nearly completely sort out the problems we unknowingly inherited. New constitution draft is up, membership registration page is nearly done (and constitutionally happy), […]

Catch-up Part II..

December 11, 2003 By pipka

Pumped for NZ Boarded flight to Auckland in Sydney, felt odd to actually be getting on a plane again. Nice short flight, only 3.5 hours, nice dude to chat to about real estate and politics 🙂 Read most of the Australian papers on the plane. Auckland – Saw the trailer for Lord of the Rings […]

WSIS? We Seize!

December 11, 2003 By pipka

There is an excellent conference, read up on for details, but I am now in a discussion about applying open source methodologies to other aspects in society, such as the media. Very interesting, I believe these talks will be available online, so look out for them. I will post them as soon as I […]

So much craziness to see…

December 11, 2003 By pipka

I will be writing more about the last few days when I have time, lots of amazingy stuff! In the meantime there is some live streaming for you to see! Check out geneva03 and what is happening. Thanks for the tip Mako 🙂


December 10, 2003 By pipka

So I ended up travelling about 42 hours straight to get to the WSIS conference. All of the people around me complaining about 17, or 11, or 6! hours, pfft! Watched the trailer for Lord of the Rings III on the way to New Zealand, and got all psyched to see the country forgetting I […]

My first WSIS day! “Send in the clowns”!

December 10, 2003 By pipka

So today was great! Schmoozing with people from all over the world, discussing human rights, standards, how ICT can benefit people directly, development standards, many interesting and zany topics with many interesting and zany points of view. Being here with LPI has meant a foot in to door as to how world politics happen, what […]

Youth Empowerment…

December 10, 2003 By pipka

Sounded like a wanky kind of workshop, and it did end up being run like a kindergarten (“I want to see you all drawing on the butcher paper and putting it up on the wall for everyone to see”). It did however prove to be really interesting, youth from all over the world trying to […]