So I ended up travelling about 42 hours straight to get to the WSIS conference. All of the people around me complaining about 17, or 11, or 6! hours, pfft! Watched the trailer for Lord of the Rings III on the way to New Zealand, and got all psyched to see the country forgetting I would be there all of 2 hours. Ah, well, I will be returning there in a few months (Mike! I am expecting a tour and a drink 🙂

New York was snowing, 18 inches 😀 Like many Australians, real, thick, overcoming snow is fascinating. We have to supplement our ski fields with snow machines, I loved the place, and although I spent only a few hours there, am very keen to return.

So my flight path was Sydney -> Auckland -> LA -> New York -> Frankfurt -> and then Geneva. Phwoar!