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Lets hear more from our local expert on Islam

October 1, 2006 By pipka

Yes, I am frustrated at Eriks comments on Islam. But I have to say, he certainly does his research: Now I am certainly not an expert on the Qur’an, but after 10 minutes research… Wow Erik! Don’t go out of your way here. Your depth of understanding is certainly astounding. So, according to this web […]

Islam doesn’t hurt people. People hurt people.

September 18, 2006 By pipka

I am getting a little frustrated with some of the recent posts about Islam. My best friend is Muslim and she has given me huge insight to the religion and the difference between Islamic practices and the many cultural practices that get confused with them. Many of the abhorrent practices towards women in some countries […]


August 30, 2006 By pipka

Thank you, thank you, thank you Stewart for bringing my attention to dosbox. I used to love all my old dos games, and now I finally get access to them again. Hooray Alleycat!

Am I a “Young Achiever”?

August 16, 2006 By pipka

I was very excited to be nominated by Brenda Aynsley for the Pearcey Award for Young Achievers. I’m not sure exactly what they are looking for, but if I am awarded it I’ll be one of two women to ever get it 🙂 I’m pretty happy just to have been nominated and I hope that […]

Riding with Alli

August 11, 2006 By pipka

While I was in Canberra, one of things I did was meet up with Alli and finally meet the famous four-legged Dan. It was a wonderful albeit short visit, and Alli let me have a ride 🙂 I used to own horses and really miss riding so it was awesome fun! He was a little […]