Islam doesn’t hurt people. People hurt people.

I am getting a little frustrated with some of the recent posts about Islam. My best friend is Muslim and she has given me huge insight to the religion and the difference between Islamic practices and the many cultural practices that get confused with them. Many of the abhorrent practices towards women in some countries that try to use Islam as an excuse, draw these practices from much older cultural practices from way before Islam was even around. I don’t believe Islam is a cause of disharmony or suffering any more than Christianity is (and yes, that is a loaded comment). Both are spiritual followings that can and have been taken out of context by extremists which often leads to suffering. I wish people would stop blaming Islam for the acts of a few extremists that are absolutely not respresentative of either the religion or the majority of people following that religion.

I guess that I have a lot of hope for the future. The reason I can have such a strong and wonderful friendship with someone who has a very difference cultural and religious background to me is because of mutual respect. We respect each others views and enjoy the ability to have an open and friendly dialogue about our ideas and beliefs. If everyone could learn some compassion and respect for other people, regardless of the differences you might have with them, then perhaps we can be on the road to a more peaceful future.

it’s easier to hate than to love,
it’s easier to turn your back than extend your hand

We are all the same, all people want security, love, hope and respect. I believe strongly in the FOSS community because people are generally bound by strong values that transcend race, religion or gender. I would hope that our community of all communities can demonstrate to the world that through mutual respect, people from all around the world can come together to achieve great things.