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Who wants to sleep with Bill Gates?

August 15, 2008 By pipka

I have a lot of blogging to catch up on! In the last month I’ve been to Norway, the US and Niue on really cool projects and conferences, Software Freedom Day is only just over 4 weeks away, and I’ve had some awesome ideas I want to blog. All will happen in the next few […]

“Tech girls are chic, not just geek”

March 12, 2008 By pipka

Last week a book was launched called “Tech girls are chic, not just geek“. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but a friend of mine was one of the authors and it looks really good: Tech girls are chic, not just geek is a fun new book showing that it takes all […]

Happy International Women’s Day

March 9, 2008 By pipka

So today (March the 8th) is International Womens Day, so the Sydney Linuxchix decided to have a hackfest/movie night. It was a fun event with about a dozen women popping in throughout the day, a few short talks about pet projects, some hacking (when our internet wasn’t fluctuating) and then dinner and Office Space, just […]

Getting girls (and Gen Y) into IT

October 9, 2007 By pipka

I’ve spoken to thousands of school kids over the last few years trying to encourage young girls to consider IT as a career choice. Along the way it has become obvious that Gen Y doesn’t really care about IT as a valid career choice generally, not just girls. I’ve come to a few conclusions that […]

Internet gurus, go girls and more

October 27, 2006 By pipka

The last two weeks have been madness. I’ve been to several events, met some amazing people, travelled a little and had a birthday somewhere in between. Firstly, I already mentioned the conference, which has now put up all its talks and recordings, the most interesting of which include Robert Cailliau (one of the pioneers […]


September 22, 2006 By pipka

Warning, major pink ahead! (Not my fault!) Yesterday was the first TechGirls event, which is strongly based on the success of events like Go Girls, Gidgits and other events linked from the TechGirls website. We had ~250 girls in the Central Coast with some great speakers, and awesome demo zones. I was looking after a […]

Pia Waugh – “most awesome talk”

July 26, 2006 By pipka

I’ve been speaking about FOSS at a lot of non-FOSS conferences recently, including the Go Girls event in Perth, a few school events, some NGO conferences and to some Universities around NSW. I’ll also soon be speaking at another couple of events aimed at school kids, Software Freedom Day in Sydney and strangely enough at […]

Women need “simple pleasures”

July 19, 2006 By pipka

Mr Laurie said rural women, like their urban counterparts, needed simple pleasures such as going out for coffee and playing tennis together. Wow, now I know what I’m missing in my life. Obviously not enough coffee and tennis time with the girls! Tee hee hee! Comment made by the President of the NSW Farmers Association. […]