“Tech girls are chic, not just geek”

Last week a book was launched called “Tech girls are chic, not just geek“. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but a friend of mine was one of the authors and it looks really good:

Tech girls are chic, not just geek is a fun new book showing that it takes all types of people to work in Information Technology (IT). Our 16 ‘tech girls’ are women working in a range of technology jobs across Australia. They are a bunch of fun and funky women who find working with technology challenging and interesting, and they are far from fitting the stereotypical ‘geek’ image portrayed by the media. They use their technical and/or non-technical skills (usually a combination of both) to have a successful career in IT.

I think this is very much on the right path of showing different jobs (tech and non-tech), and then getting the books out to schools to help inform girls and hopefully help them not self-select out of ICT jobs to start.

Great job Rebecca! I look forward to reading the book 🙂 They also got some coverage from Computerworld.

One of the really nice parts of this project is that the book is on sale, and every copy purchased pays for another copy to be donated to a school on top of the 5000 they’ve already pledged to schools. So buy one to help get it out to girls in schools 🙂

2 thoughts on ““Tech girls are chic, not just geek””

  1. Thanks for sharing, it sounds really cool and interesting!

    Actually I launched a Techwomen group at Beijing LUG earlier. As one of the “chic”, I will definitely buy one, read it and donate it to the BLUG library to share with other members and encourage more women members of our group 😉


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