Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25

  • .@shorebuck thx, it was hard to do but the point of music is to explore & represent concepts. I struggle to help friends in this situation #
  • New song up "Lucky", this one is a little disturbing if you read the lyrics. Enjoy 🙂 #music #fb #nin #ghosts #
  • Latest song up "Lucky", a sweet instrumental remix (Vocal Ghosts project). Be warned this one's a bit disturbing #music #
  • I have the worlds best Dad. We just built a ramp to the garage at my new house so now I can get & park my motorbike! 😀 #
  • .@jpwarren heh, it'll go under my soundcloud, in the "voices of ghosts" set 🙂 enjoy! #music #
  • Have another NIN Ghosts remix in the making. Should be out tonight or tomorrow. Have several @mideion songs also in production 🙂 #music #
  • Srsly great speech by @sherro58 at ACS Canberra conf. Spoke about opportunities and challenges for gov with IT. It wasn't recorded, gar! #
  • .@sherro58 saying IT gov spend still growing. A lot of work done around efficiency, eg reduced cost of commodities like desktop software #
  • .@sherro58 giving great talk about IT in gov. Dickens "IT was the best of times, IT was the worst of times" 🙂 At ACS Canberra conf. #
  • .@peterbayley Hah! I find they sit behind the bleeding edge, but play a role translating to the mainstream. Sometimes even accurately 😉 #
  • .@gmggranger yeah, I get back on the bike hopefully this weekend. VERY excited 🙂 #
  • Listening to KPMG talk about emerging tech trends at ACS Canberra conference. Always interesting to see what others think. #
  • Report writing, gym, coffee and then conference. I'd almost be able to get used to this 😉 #
  • Am going to head into Canberra ACS conf a bit today, schedule is quite interesting 🙂 Should have gone to whole thing #
  • Not that I have $$ atm but need new laptop soon. Will be Ubuntu but deciding hardware. IdeaPad u300, Mac Air or maybe #
  • Just watched trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution. Looks amazing. Though the trailer appears to have Tron soundtrack 😉 #fb #
  • The boys (Po & Ripley) in a calmer than usual mood 🙂 #
  • Interesting, Australia ranked 11 in world for place to do biz, just after US /via @siliconbeach mailing list #
  • "We shouldn't export our guilt and responsibility by importing more wood esp from places that have less sustainable practices" Rob Oakeshott #
  • .@mwyres and encouraging little ole me to do open gov. So much awesome 🙂 /cc @katelundy #

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