Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-12

  • Interesting, thx for sharing πŸ™‚ RT @peterjblack: "What does β€˜Keynesian’ really mean?" #
  • Heh, grin πŸ™‚ RT @arfisk: @piawaugh All you need now is a lance and a shaving bowl and… TILT!! #
  • Lol RT @gruffbilly: If you have a troll problem, if no one else can help, & if you can find them, maybe you can hire.. The Billy Goats Gruff #
  • OH: "oh look, there are some of those wind mill things. You know, for climate change". #funnytraintrips #
  • Clever man πŸ™‚ @smiffy: @piawaugh Looks like a globe artichoke to me. /cc @queensoheart #
  • Can anyone guess what this is? From the garden of @heartsoqueen #
  • But limited spots, so pls escorting now πŸ™‚ RT @OZloop: Forum and dinner with Vivek Kundra #gov2au #opengov #
  • For #gov2au #opengov peeps, come to a talk, chat & dinner if you like w @VivekKundra Feb 14th 5:30pm. Details & RSVP @ #
  • Am excited about "Great friends on paper" tmrw night, part of NLA Handwritten exhibition. Letters by Erasmus, Galileo, Descartes & Voltaire. #
  • .@jeamland I'm not sure about that. Regardless, they're quite public commitment to users having control over content is good. @stilgherrian #
  • Free internet at NLA = #win but having to re-click on the "welcome to nla network, click here to continue page" every 5 minutes = #fail #
  • Excited RT @TEDxCanberra: A second TEDxCanberra talk has been posted on TED! This time it's Stephen Coleman. Post at #
  • .@spelingbee but also, the premise that doing anything personal at work is bad for productivity is false. Net banking a good eg /cc @rexster #
  • Have asked AIIA if they can squeeze us in. Will know tmrw RT @craigthomler: @piawaugh I wonder if we could get Vivek to a Gov2au lunch πŸ™‚ #
  • Totally. :)RT @craigthomler: @trib why stop now just when ur getting experienced at fighting inertia? πŸ™‚ cc @stefanitza @purserj #
  • Me too πŸ™‚ RT @aroha_groves: Well the work year has definitely started! Kinda exciting what's coming up this year and even next year! #
  • Yes, this RT @stefanitza: The discussion between @trib and @piawaugh on tech in gov right now is textbook 'how to frame the issue' stuff. #
  • .@trib I'm specifically going into APS to help with this stuff which means building on good work of those before. I look fwd 2 more chats πŸ™‚ #
  • .@trib there are stories on both sides of innovation in gov. Stop generalising πŸ˜› It undermines the efforts of those doing awesome stuff. #
  • .@trib Aus gov isn't a single entity, many depts have ie8 or FireFox. Do you understand how overarching statements like this don't help? #
  • Agree RT @reijin64 afterthought, contractor culture in govt exacerbates the problem as nobody experienced can support app.@RuthEllison @trib #
  • .@trib it is the curse of this community that many fall back on their frustration. Sustainable change comes through leadership & action. #
  • .@trib you've done good work over years which I respect, but you often boil things down too much which doesn't help nor show your expertise. #
  • .@reijin64 yeah, and from mindset that new apps will be backwards compatible. #fail /cc @RuthEllison @trib #
  • .@trib yeah for sure. Everything with a grain if salt. Always πŸ™‚ /cc @delimiterau #
  • Anyone? RT @SMinney: @piawaugh @craigthomler know any SAS programmers familiar with mainframe environs happy to work in Tuggers? #
  • As usual @trib I'm mostly trying to provide a little context to your holier than thou black & white "stupid gov" attitude πŸ™‚ /cc @NewtonMark #
  • .@trib whut!? Of course IE6 sucks, but you can't just compare a recommendation in one country with a legacy implementation issue in another. #
  • Alert for #gov2au folk, Vivek Kundra here next week. Events happening around Australia inc Canberra. Some by AIIA #
  • .@jason_a_w hah, I'm in a dodgy 3g area so RT'd it to read later. I saw Bruce speak at a few years ago. It was fantastic. #
  • .@rexster: before social media there was spider solitaire and before that phones – all were seen initially as productivity issues #gov2au #
  • Good point RT @tweetingtechno: @piawaugh @jonkudelka It's one letter longer! 'media is' vs' media are' #
  • .@rexster on usefulness of Twitter: current trends, crowdsourcing, amplification. He says use networks available inc staff networks #gov2au #
  • Heh, not bad idea but 140char forces brevity RT @jonkudelka: Have decided to unfollow people who refer to the media as a single person today #
  • Listening to @rexster do typical #socmed rant about IT depts. So few ppl consider ways to fix prob beyond "just do it" & "outsource" #gov2au #
  • .@trib big diff bw recommendation & implementation but nice comparing apples/oranges. Do you even know why some were stuck on IE6? #gov2au #
  • Am at a #CollabIT brekkie, about to hear from @rexster about developing a social media strategy. Should be interesting. #gov2au #

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