Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

  • Thx for sharing, gar RT @electric589: Sorry, I can't handle being the only one with Toto's Africa stuck in my head #doodoodoodoodoodoodoodoo #
  • Currently hanging with a good friend, drinking good red wine, talking about life, sci fi, music, bodhisattvas & how we all trick ourselves. #
  • Impressive! RT @NanoPunk: Holy shit what a list #voiceactor #videogames #
  • Fascinating RT @wikileaks: WikiLeaks to sue Visa, MasterCard for 'US influenced financial blockade' #
  • Not what I expected 🙂 RT @AusIT: #News #Technology Prime real estate rampage bill set at $8bn #Australia #
  • Some of my favourite things about waking up in Sydney: awesome friends, sunny mild winter mornings (without ice), suski, Ericyes, beaches 😀 #
  • Heh, awesome! Thx 😀 RT @DavidLMackie: @PiaWaugh When I first saw you …: I was really impressed. #
  • "In your room where time stands still…" I do love me some depeche mode 🙂 #
  • Interesting reading RT Leaks, sources and passing the salt | Inside Story: via @AddThis #
  • OK, so who is coming to see me play tonight at the Pot Belly in Belconnen? Should be fun 🙂 #music #
  • Funny on many levels RT @iTnews_au News Corp sells Myspace at bargain price: Justin Timberlake among the buyers. #
  • My new sounds: Echoes II (remixed voice down) on #SoundCloud #
  • Yeah? Will give that a go. Thx! RT @John_Hanna Change the background image, it helps improve it 🙂 <- re not liking new Google search look #
  • I do not like the new Google search look. Sorry. #
  • Just RT-ing this to #fb SO MUCH AWESOME! Thx @Jerub
    Bwahahaha, This is awesome: My Little Serenity: #
  • Interesting Google+ article about features #
  • Interesting RT @lods1211: The weird, secret, world of Australian classification laws | RT @abcthedrum #AusLaw #
  • Just had dream: driving car & went off road, fell into chasm of deep thick mud, car sunk to bottom & I had to crawl/swim out. I'm awake! #fb #
  • Anyone wanting to hear my little band play should come to Pot Belly (Belco) this Thursday night, from 9pm 🙂 Should be fun! #fb #music #
  • BAD MAN! But the link is good 🙂 RT @OZloop "How democratic is the European Union?" #gov2au #
  • Yay ducks! #
  • Finally got around to watching the Drawn Together movie. Cringe-worthy, hilarious, offensive, fantastic! Send complaints to @paris_david #
  • Yay! 😀 RT @nambor now it has an html5 audiovisualiser for it 8) I'm sure you can create more expressive imagery though! #
  • Anyone wanting to hear my little band play should come along to the Pot Belly this Thursday night, from 9pm 🙂 Should be fun! #fb #music #
  • Another song done! This is for the William Gibson compilation. Based on Jones, the cyborg war dolphin /cc @greatdismal #
  • New song uploaded! This one is based on Jones, the cyborg war dolphin from Johnny Mnemonic. Enjoy! 🙂 : Echoes in Space #
  • $340k, wow I'm in the wrong business 😉 RT 4 Month Social Media campaign /cc @purserj @hyperbrendan # #
  • RT to biz hours 🙂 Feedback/comments welcome! New post: Online Culture – Part 1: Unicorns and Doom #
  • Had relaxing day. Jogged, watched Heat, blogged, cooked korma & daal, did Gung Fu (pole) & rewatched Scott Pilgrim vs the World #awse #fb #

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