Music: Failing ghosts (NIN remix from Ghosts)

So one of the little projects I’ve started is to look at awesome music that I can play with and remix. Luckily for me my favourite musician, Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails and more recently How to Destroy Angels) put some of his stuff out under Creative Commons, so my first remix took 3 instrumentals from the Ghosts album and worked them into a single structured song, then added lyrics and a relatively echo-y vocal track to blend in with the mood of the song. Lyrics and further details below.

This is also my first time using Soundcloud 🙂 Would love your feedback on the music and on Soundcloud.

Failing Ghosts


  • Song remixed from three instrumental Nine Inch Nails songs from Ghosts album (Tracks 1, 4 & 9), remix and vocals by Pia Waugh
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license (as per the source tracks used –
  • Notes: Tracks were CC-SA-NC and are available from


You and I have love so strong, yet we fail. We fail.

Even when our hearts are not wrong. We fail.

I can see the pattern loop, as we try to contain all our fears.

And I fear we need a coup, to remember why we’re really here.

All of us overcome, yet we fail. We fail.

Everyone wants to belong yet we fail.

I can hear the message now. I can see it coming down.

I can feel the reason why we’re not safe.

And I fear we need a path that we lack the will to walk.

Our lives just failing ghosts.

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