Who’s going to the 2020 Summit?

Many people know that the 2020 Summit participants list was put online a little while ago. I’ve had a chance to have a skim of the names and see who was accepted. Unfortunately I didn’t get in, but there are some great people involved.

I am quite concerned about the lack of technology and ICT people represented. There are a few great people represented, like Terry Cutler and Lisa Harvey but there is a serious lack of saavy ICT people. It was interesting to see Microsoft represented by Steve Vamos, and I truly hope that there has been some level of balance and foresight in the selection of ICT representatives to ensure multiple perspectives are presented.

I was surprised to see Sheryle Moon wasn’t there, and I don’t believe any of the Open Source community or industry nominations were accepted. I rang the office to express my concern that technology seems rather underrepresented, and that within the technology sector represented there is no clear representation from the Open Source industry or community (that I can see), which is arguably one of Australia’s greatest ICT assets when it comes to future directions and socio-economic opportunities.

Luckily, we have a great chance to have our say through the Foundations of Open local summit being run by the inspiring and well informed Senator Kate Lundy. She recently spoke at the Sdyney Document Freedom Day event, which apparently was brilliant (I was unfortunately out of the state). She also did a great speech at the 2005 Sydney Software Freedom Day event.

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  1. Pia

    Linux Australia (mostly achieved through Paul Schulz’s excellent organisational work) was disappointed that the nomination of Rusty Russell and Hugh Blemings (we were going to put Tridge up too but he was unavailable) was not accepted. I concur with your thoughts – Open Source is sadly underrepresented/unrepresented.

  2. Most of the presentation slides and video are up on the web site for the Open 2020 Summit: .

    Presenters (and anyone else interested) is reminded that they can send 500 words to Senator Lundy by e-mail for inclusion in a submission to the Australia 2020 Summit. You are also welcome to discuss the issues at the web site.

    Also I managed to convince Moodle to let people in with Guest access without them having to see a password screen .

    There was also a Canberra 2020 Summit on Saturday. It has no web site, but after some representations by Senator Lundy, it appears likely that the ACT Government will create a online forum for comments .

    ps: Saturday’s Canberra Times had an article about the Open 2020 Summitt, with a large photo of the Waughs looking visionary, with their gaze directed to a distance horozon of openness. 😉

  3. Pia – I am attending my niece’s wedding in the Southern Highlands on the days of the 2020 summit – she set her date way before the PM! Jokes aside AIIA would have liked to see greater ICT representation. However i am very pleased that Steve Vamos will be there – he has a strong vendor background, new media background from MSN and his recent global role in this area. More than that Steve has long recognised that as important as speeds and feeds are we also need the complementary skills around management, poeple attraction and retention and corporate responsibility. Neville Raoch will also be there with his lengthy involvemnet in ICT, AIIA and Nasscom. AIIA has prepared 3 submissins for the Summit.

  4. @Sheryle Moon: Thanks for your comments Sheryle. My concern about Steve is not because I doubt he has something legitimate to contribute (I’m sure he has). It is because I would hope that there are many different ICT perspectives put forward which should include open systems, open standards and Open Source, none of which Microsoft have a strong background in. I know of several people now who will be attending the Summit which these basic perspectives in mind.

    I’m glad to see the AIIA preparing submissions and look forward to seeing them.

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