Who owns this photo?

I have this great photo from lca2003 and can’t figure out who took it. I’m suspecting Leon Brooks or Anthony Rumble, but both their photo albums from lca2003 are gone (seemingly) 🙁

So, help me find the owner of this poor lost photo 🙂

LCA 2003 - Pizza Boxes

6 thoughts on “Who owns this photo?”

  1. Suspect that it was not me, but if so, reclaiming the original & related photos is going to be an issue since I did not get access to the largest collection of photos before it was (apparently) destroyed.

    If I can find one of two alternative hard disks, I’ll look through them & post anything related that I locate.

  2. Not me! I suspect James as well – although he’ll know otherwise. It appear on the back of the CD. Bernard is another good person to ask.

    Oh so long ago…

  3. Ah hah! That exact photo is actually on the conference CD-ROM (which no longer seems to be mirrored anywhere on the internet). It was in the set from syntreo.com, “taken by Geoff Smith, Ellen Wong & Joel Pearson” … I suspect Geoff will be your best bet!

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