Pearcey NSW Young Achievers Award!

On Thursday night we were very pleased and honoured to receive the NSW Pearcey Young Achievers Award! Jeff and I are the first duo to receive the award and it was a real surprise for us 🙂

We dedicated this award to the Open Source community we continue to serve, the many inspirational people we work with from all around the world, the people who support us, and my wonderful parents who have provided so much inspiration and advice 🙂 We also want to dedicate it to the rest of the Seven team, of which we were only 2 people. Seven were the people behind 2007, the best lca ever.

Also speaking at the award presentation was Pearcey Foundation chairman Ian Dennis who said ever since Trevor Pearcey built Australia’s first computer in 1948 in Sydney, Australia has been leading the world in computers.

“We were bloody good at IT then and we are bloody good at IT now,” Dennis said. “The Pearcey Foundation is about recognizing the fact that we are still damn good in IT and telling people about it.”

Story by Rodney Gedda, Computerworld

In our acceptance speech Jeff also gave a thank you to the Hon John Della Bosca (who couldn’t be there due to being in parliament), who is one of three NSW Ministers to mention Open Source in parliament (courtesy of Hansard).

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