SLUG @ Moodle

Over this weekend is the inaugral Sydney Moodle conference. I gave a talk yesterday about “Open Source, Opening doors to education” and Lindsay Holmwood (President of SLUG) organised a booth for the weekend/ We’ve already spoken to a lot of people and have been heavily pimping both Open Day as a great holiday event for students and families, and the Education Miniconf which typically includes loads of teachers and school admins.

Sridhar and Andreas have been helping out and it is great to have FOSS represented at events like this because each of those teachers has a long-lasting impact on thousands of students and parents. I think we definitely need to focus more on education.

I spoke about the benefits of FOSS to education, the big picture when it comes to technology and why software freedom is important, first steps in playing with FOSS, and obviously about FOSS and the community. I’ve put the slides online for anyone interested.

Rock on FOSS in education!