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FOSS development course at ANU – Canberra

This is a late posting but I just realised I hadn’t blogged it yet Andrew Tridgell and Bob Edwards, who work at the Australian National University (ANU) are running a FOSS development course this year. It looks like it will … Continue reading

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Being a woman sometimes sucks

Every so often I come across particular behaviours towards women that really make me feel uncomfortable, upset, frustrated or just plain angry. I just had a comment posted on an old blog post of mine about women in IT: Wow-this … Continue reading

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Have a question for Steve Bourne?

If anyone has some good technical or scripting questions for Steve Bourne (of Bourne Shell fame), please reply in my comments, as a journalist friend has the chance to interview him tomorrow and would love some Unix and Linux community … Continue reading

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Catch up, and what’s to come!

This last 3 weeks have been insane. So much cool stuff, and I keep thinking “I need to blog about this or that, and then not making the time! Below is a quite recap of the cool stuff I’ve done … Continue reading

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Interview about SFD and OLPC

Today I had a great interview with the wonderful James Purser on the Open Source on the air (OSOTA) show. Check it out! Thanks James, it was a lot of fun

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Australian”innovation”: desires and reality

Last night was the Pearcey Awards, which in itself is always a great way to find out about up and coming leaders in the field and achievements in ICT, however they also created a national roundtable event called INNOVATION & … Continue reading

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Indigenous Literacy Day and TechEd women’s panel

Today I went to a talk by a great man, Noel Tovey, a 64yr old Australian Aboriginal man who has been through some of the most awful experiences you will ever hear. He shared his story, and how he overcame … Continue reading

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The Foundations of Openness

In March 2007 I went to Oxford University and worked on a paper about openness, a topic that had become vitally important as we were seeing more and more companies jump on the FOSS bandwagon with psuedo FOSS projects that were often not at all open. This had concerned Jeff and I somewhat and so we came up with a model that took into account 5 core themes – Open Source, Open Standards, Open Knowledge, Open Governance and Open Market.

A conversation with Dave Neary yesterday reminded me that I hadn’t published and needed to publish this paper. Many thanks to all those who contributed (attribution in the document) and to the Randy Metcalfe who worked very hard on this with me to bring it together, and of course Jeff for his enormous input and for coming up with the basis of this with me :)

I have specifically blogged this, to gain feedback, create dialogue and hopefully inspire a raft of new ideas around this topic. People can also download a pdf here for printing purposes. I challenge people to apply the model to their own projects (FOSS and proprietary) to see how well it maps. Continue reading

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TechFest, TechGirls, GeekGirls and Software Freedom

The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY! After getting back from my incredible Gung Fu week away, It was straight into everything. I flew back Saturday night, Sunday morning Jeff and I ran an OLPC TechFest in Sydney which … Continue reading

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