FOSS development course at ANU – Canberra

This is a late posting but I just realised I hadn’t blogged it yet :)

Andrew Tridgell and Bob Edwards, who work at the Australian National University (ANU) are running a FOSS development course this year. It looks like it will be fantastic. Great work guys!

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2 Responses to FOSS development course at ANU – Canberra

  1. Steve Madsen says:

    Hello Pia:

    Please be reminded that we have you down to do a workshop on Ubuntu on March 15th at Tara Anglican School for Girls, Mason’s Drive, North Parramatta.

    The time of your workshop is from 08:45 hrs to 10:45 hrs.

    The workstations will not be allowed to be booted from a disk, hence, you need to send a disk to:

    Anne Rumpler
    C/O Tara Anglican School for Girls
    Mason’s Drive,
    North Parramatta 2151

    Please respond to this message so that I know you received it.

    Steve Madsen
    CSTA President

  2. greebo says:

    @Steve Masden,

    Received loud and clear :) Will continue via email.

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