Have a question for Steve Bourne?

If anyone has some good technical or scripting questions for Steve Bourne (of Bourne Shell fame), please reply in my comments, as a journalist friend has the chance to interview him tomorrow and would love some Unix and Linux community input.

3 thoughts on “Have a question for Steve Bourne?”

  1. I’m sure a journalist can phrase these a little better, but here goes:

    1) Compare current UNIX shells (programs that manipulate text) and new MS Windows Power Shell (classes that manipulate objects). Would UNIX benefit from Power Shell approach?

    2) If Steve had a blank page to start all over again what would be different in the Bourne shell?

    3) Why hasn’t the cshell (and it’s spawn) dropped off the edge of the planet? Is that actually happening?

    4) Is Bash a worthy successor to Bourne shell? Should some things in Bash have been done differently?

    5) What is Steve up to these days?

  2. A question. What syntactical construct would you redo if you had a chance?

    Not a question. Thank you for creating one of the pillars of the Unix experience.

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