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Another excellent Unlocking IP conference

The Unlocking IP group at UNSW have coordinated many great conference about open knowledge and openness over the years, and the most recent upcoming conference will be the last of the project. If you are interested in open knowledge, copyright, … Continue reading

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Happy Ada Lovelace Day – Silvia Pfeiffer

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, and below is my blog about a female geek I admire! Get writing your Ada Lovelace Day blog post, sign the pledge and add a link to your role model blog post to the Geek … Continue reading

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Ubuntu training for educators

On the weekend I ran a short training session for teachers about Ubuntu. It was a lot of fun, and surprisingly most of the teachers had never played with Ubuntu before. Usually at these kinds of events, the people who … Continue reading

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FOSS development course at ANU – Canberra

This is a late posting but I just realised I hadn’t blogged it yet Andrew Tridgell and Bob Edwards, who work at the Australian National University (ANU) are running a FOSS development course this year. It looks like it will … Continue reading

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WordPress and other tools for education

Recently I have run both a general information day, and then a half day WordPress training event at the Presbyterian Ladies’ College in Sydney, for a class of year 6 girls (~12yr olds) and their teachers. I have been exceptionally … Continue reading

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First test of OLPC XOs in remote Australian Indigenous community

Sokar Phillpot and Horatio Davis took several XO laptops into a remote Indigenous community called Pormpuraaw (Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, Australia) to see how the children would respond. They had some great results and the local community there are … Continue reading

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Antiquated ideas won’t save Australia

The recently released Venturous Australia report that this quote refers to is actually quite an interesting read. I found it refreshingly aware of the importance of opening up research and strengthening the ICT industry, and overall recommend it as a … Continue reading

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Why Australian trials are important to the OLPC vision

I’ve been asked a few times why OLPC deployments in Australia are relevant to the OLPC vision. I thought I’d do a blog post about what OLPC Friends is trying to achieve in supporting local projects, and why I’ve been … Continue reading

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Have a question for Steve Bourne?

If anyone has some good technical or scripting questions for Steve Bourne (of Bourne Shell fame), please reply in my comments, as a journalist friend has the chance to interview him tomorrow and would love some Unix and Linux community … Continue reading

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Catch up, and what’s to come!

This last 3 weeks have been insane. So much cool stuff, and I keep thinking “I need to blog about this or that, and then not making the time! Below is a quite recap of the cool stuff I’ve done … Continue reading

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