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Australian Open Source Census taking off!

September 21, 2007 By pipka

Jeff and I launched the Australian Open Source Indsutry and Community Census less than two days ago, and already have over 60 completed community responses and 20 completed industry responses,as well as a further 50 people sign up. Wow! Thank you everyone who has contributed. Please pass the word around and lets try and really […]

“Sorry, we only support MS Office 2007”

September 21, 2007 By pipka

I ordered a Dell laptop for a client today and wanted XP with MS Office 2003 or older (their infrastructure runs FOSS and we are getting a great FOSS desktop in the door, don’t worry!). Anyway, Dell turns around and says sure on the XP option, but tells me cheerfully that they don’t support anything […]

Sharepoint killers

August 22, 2007 By pipka

Sharepoint is scary. People that use it quite like it and are blissfully unaware of the sticky technology and licensing trap they’ve allowed into their environments. It provides some useful functions that could be found in many applications or bundled applications, however the trap is that once you deploy it, Microsoft have you pretty much […]

On the road again…

August 22, 2007 By pipka

So over the last week I’ve been on the road with IBM and Red Hat on their Linux on the desktop roadshow. It has been pretty interesting! I am speaking about Linux and Open Source generally, how to create a strategy and providing a vendor neutral perspective to balance the Red Hat and IBM perspectives. […]

Travelling with Red Hat and IBM around the country

August 13, 2007 By pipka

I am participating in a Red Hat and IBM roadshow about Linux on the desktop. We’ll be visiting Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth (Perth is a private event only), so if you are interested in either coming along to the event or catching up for a drink afterwards, check out the schedule on […]

Pancakes and FOSS – wrapup

February 21, 2007 By pipka

Jeff and I are in Brisbane and tonight we had a huge turnout to come talk about FOSS and pancakes at the Pancake Manor in Brisbane. We had about 30 people all up including OSIAns, HUMBUGs, the people from the PHP meeting that was supposed to be on at the same time (but got cancelled) […]