Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-14

  • I love garage sales. LOVE them :) #
  • Is Oct long weekend 1st weekend in October? Is it a long weekend for all? Is Sydney to Adelaide too far for 3 days @moldor @Rog42 @zerohash #
  • Am at Pot Belly to listen to a few bands, including some friends of mine. Always fun to go out and gear some good Aussie music :) #
  • Thanks @Steve_evil for the tour.@CanberraRep is awesome :) Amazing work you've done with an empty old school hall! #
  • Zambrero, my favourite take away place in Canberra (right now) :) Nommy Mexican food! #
  • Perfect Sat = sleep in (after mercy drive to Harden, friend didn't get off train @Yass), theatre, lunch, gym & Pot Belly for live music :) #
  • Just put up another remix of "Not Sure" with better drums by @mideion mixed in. Forgot to put it up earlier :) #
  • Yay! RT @KateLundy: Getting there….. on games classification! #r18 #
  • Got another song to release tonight (hopefully!). This is the hardest one I've yet had to write or record. Tells a tragic story :/ #
  • .@jclacherty Heh, I'm sure I'll get to that, just started from the start :) "Gravity, she's a harsh mistress" :D #
  • Have just discovered The Tick, one of the funniest things ever. So much lols! #
  • Just got hold of the first Game of Thrones book, I may not sleep tonight :) #
  • Going to see "Life X 3" at the theatre tomorrow. Looks great! Who else is going? /cc @CanberraRep @steve_evil #
  • RT @ideahive: RT @Mushin: Interesting if you're into collective (un)consciousness & self-organising groups & systems. #
  • Hah! RT @crystalsinger: lol. Outlook is all like, "DO NOT WANT MOAR EMAILZ!", you're just bein' mean to make it work. I'd bluescreen too ;-) #
  • Have to RT to #gov2au :) @dnwallace: Clever Govt. engagement @myen #gov2 @census2011 #
  • So much awesome! RT @dnwallace: Clever Govt. engagement @myen #gov2 @census2011 #
  • OK, who of my awesome tweep or #fb friends are going to PyCon & live in Sydney? I know someone in need of couch to surf on for two nights :) #
  • "My teeth snapped like trees" and now I feel ill. There are good reasons to never ask a wordsmith about a painful accident.#squeamish #
  • My work computer occasionally bluescreens when plugging Ethernet in. Troubleshooting it looks related to Outlook being open. Ridiculous #gar #
  • Wow RT @KateKendall: Must-read piece on UK riots by @rustyrockets: 'Big Brother isn’t watching you' – HT @whatjanesays #
  • Watching the watchers? RT @russellbuckley: Fascinating pic: Police apprehend suspect, surrounded by spectators' mobiles #
  • Great presentation about AR-UX: The generation of the pervasive User by @alexmyoung #tech #AR #geek :) #
  • Awesome to catch up, and too rare! RT @trib: Back from very pleasant lunch with my friend @piawaugh #
  • .@mstremeski I never said he didn't use other swords, but he did beat many enemies armed only with wooden swords. Read book of five rings :P #
  • Yes show is annoying & Katie's assertions offensive, but some ppl *have* wanted to get involved & represent :) /cc @aimee_maree @katsbud #
  • I largely concur @aimee_maree, esp wrt "some can be highly intelligent" <vomit> but @katsbud didn't do wrong thing… #
  • Interesting RT @wwjimd: #Tunisia A Digitally-Driven, Leaderless Revolution #
  • Musashi used a wooden sword, and he never lost #delayedawesomeanswers RT @tribalscientist: Oh, SCA? Not using metal weapons, then? #
  • Heh, totally :) /cc @crystalsinger: @piawaugh Frakkin' bots! :-/ #
  • Totally! RT @daniels_den: @piawaugh What a BSG 'Frak' #fail by the bot. Shame the Firefly 'Goram' isn't more popular. #
  • And now to sleep, perchance to dream :) Night world! #
  • And #bsg FAIL. I demand this bot be educamated! RT @_spell: @piawaugh 'Frak' could be Freak, Frank, Frag, Frau, Fray, Fran, Flak or Frat. #
  • Testing the relative 1337ness of a spelling bot. Frak (sp?) #
  • Wow! Tonight learnt some medieval swordcraft from a master. Had assumed a strength thing, but fascinating power generation + strategy :D #fb #
  • Enjoying remix of our song "Everything Dies". Diva (Featuring @Mideion) by Mario Gonzalez via #soundcloud #music #
  • RT @dizzydeep: Social media case study by Brisbane City Council #localgov SM use in emergency #
  • RT @tag_egov RT @digiphile: If open government is to be citizen-centric, it needs to be search-centric. http://fb... #
  • .@wombat1974 When people bring up that argument (& they do) I say we're creating more effective, efficient & engaging gov :P /cc @merejames #
  • .@merejames I think emergence of public servants engaging online (partic within their jobs) as doing that /cc @silkcharm @becsmog @dnwallace #
  • Ever listen to a song and you find your whole self responds to it? I love musical immersion :) So many amazing musicians out there! #fb #
  • Interesting! Crikey series on "Quality Journalism" (by journalists so pinch of salt required <grin>) /via @crikey_news #
  • Interesting article RT @theriverfed There is a context to #LondonRiots that can't be ignored @guardian #
  • A happy puppy is a clean puppy :) #Po #
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