Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-21

  • YouTube pls? ;) RT @rob_sheridan: Spider keeps building webs in doorway. He just likes watching my AAAAAIWALKEDTHROUGHASPIDERWEB dance. #
  • African Hunting Dogs are amazing. They have 80% success rate w hunts (lions have 20%) & take food back to young & sick at den. Incredible. #
  • These animals are beautiful! Going to post video of her climbing a very high pole for some meat later today. #dubbozoo #
  • Wow, for up close & personal w a Sumatra Tiger, photos to come! Loving the wild African dogs, elephants, wombats, so much awesome! #dubbozoo #
  • Fascinating RT @stephenodonnell: Fighting back against dictators shutting down the Internet #
  • You are now officially on my list ;) MUST READ via @crystalsinger RT Have you seen this yet? #
  • Went into a pub in Dubbo tonight only to be rickrolled. Srsly uncool Dubbo. The worst was the 12yr old barman not understanding my rage. #
  • Ah Sydney, how I have missed thee :) #
  • Currently listening to Blonde Redhead as recommended by a friend. Pretty cool :) #music #
  • Am going to Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo today. So VERY excited! :) Here with a good photographer friend so will post some stuff. #
  • Gorgeous morning in the blue mountains. Am out for a run. Love it! #
  • Most entertaining reporting of #qt ever RT @CrabbTwitsard: An easy rhyme! His words are music: To my ears, thank God – Ed Husic. #
  • Fascinating RT @maxious unlocked the Citizen Auditor achievement. Though Commonwealth Gazette hardly gov2 ;) #gov2au #
  • Treating myself to lunch today (at the Quince & Almond). Yum! #
  • A discussion point emerging for #govcampau is the importance of collab across govt. Should be interesting :) #gov2au #
  • .@citizen_cam more money is always asked for, but I hope you have lots of other ideas for a 10yr strategic national cultural policy :) #
  • .@jodiem Hmm, I'm optimistic. I see social media adoption in some traditionally highly conservative areas, ppl are starting to understand :) #
  • .@jodiem Yeah, to be fair I think it's a matter of hearing horror stories, not understanding the medium & drawing uninformed conclusions. #
  • .@ibeardslee Heh, nah :) I'm here to help raise all boats, naming and shaming rarely works ;) #
  • .@jodiem Interestingly facebook/twitter was brought up as examples that "undermine" online mental health initiatives. Curiously out of touch #
  • Current great question from journo about CRC funding & how 'often linked to irrelevant things like patents'. Interesting #npc #mentalhealth #
  • Journo saying we don't tend to have cyberbullying amongst adults. Oh rly? #npc #
  • Listening to ?'s from press about helping young ppl with mental health using the internet. They're v skeptical <grin> #
  • RT @grmsn LinuxCon 2011 Keynotes Streamed Free – #geek #
  • After great feedback & edits, please check out "Without Warning" It's my fav so far :) #music /cc @mideion @purserj #
  • Heh, that's me! :) But only for the powers of good ;) RT @kwebb: @piawaugh Mistress of misdirection B-) #
  • Clever but simple. Alacrity use mobile numbers as identifiers for users to create personalised interaction (through browser apps). #gov2au #
  • Alacrity at mobile gov event saying a mobile strategy doesn't just mean iPhone app. Giving useful advice about access/compatability #gov2au #
  • #gov2au RT @lubnaalam: How do we engage multiple users in one single screen ? Nsquared @mgovnicta #
  • Just saw an awesome collaborative app by nsquared for learning electronics for primary school kids. #gov2au #
  • .@jufemaiz add stuff to Wiki anyway and I'll make sure it is discussed. :) there is also a datacamp happening in Brissie 24th Sept #gov2au #
  • Listening to guy from nsquared say that children using tech doesn't create isolation, they naturally work together/collaboratively #gov2au #
  • Gets me every time! </tinytantrum> RT @steve_evil: @piawaugh <insert joke about small stature meaning you're always under the rader here> #
  • RT @doneas: At gov e-cluster 3 x 10 min presentations on mobile government plus discussion #gov2au #
  • #gov2au RT @GovConnections Vivek Kundra, 1st US federal CIO, offers some parting thoughts on public service. #govcon #
  • I love wearing jeans at a suit event. I feel special, like an undercover agent… below the radar ;) #
  • Currently in an event about Mobile Government by the eGov Tech Cluster at NICTA. Should be interesting #gov2au #
  • Fascinating RT @nicchristensen Looks like a interesting line up: Australia's 1st national investigative journalism conf #
  • Finding my media & #gov2au lists pretty vital for keeping up to date :) Funny to see followers. Main tweet stream for occasional distraction #
  • Currently reading, considering wrt #gov2au RT @CentrePolicyDev Analysis of 20 yrs opinion research on public service #
  • .@benpobjie Don't let them push you out, otherwise they win :) We'll have to compare war stories sometime :) #
  • Having an incredible week. Lots of amazing & inspiring people to talk to, hang out with, learn from & occasionally share my own insights :) #
  • .@bxmx Yeah np. I thought msg was just as relevant here :) Many amazing peeps in gov doing awesome work, not always externally obvious :/ #
  • Heh, @Du4 you can't invoke politics and star wars together, then complain about the results ;) #palpatinewasright #
  • Awww, puppy #Po enjoying some grass. Reminds me I need to see kung fu panda 2 soon :) #
  • That's it, I'm leaving to eat something not disgusting. Thanks all! @GeordieGuy @paulwallbank @Davidramli @renailemay @j_hutch @ScottRhodie #
  • .@govfresh How could it not be!? :) Hopefully recording and publishing everything will also make it useful beyond the day too #govcampau #
  • .@Reemski Hope you can come, would be great to have a local gov perspective :) /cc @RuthEllison #govcampau #
  • Come on, an enormous Hummer with "No carbon tax" & "our democracy is dead". I do hope @grogsgamut gets a photo #noctrally #noctrly? #
  • The #govcampau registrations are already at 52 & there are only 100 places! So get in & register ppl! #gov2au #opengov #
  • .@Davidramli There's a place for quality analysis by journos who have unique position to follow info/trends /cc @renailemay @ScottRhodie #
  • FFS RT @joshgnosis RT @mcdonaldmatt Anti same sex marriage rally:"there is no greater evil than same sex marriage & it's a threat to us all" #
  • .@renailemay Hah! :) I think tech reporting in Australia is quite high quality (& largely apolitical). Important to recognise & support :) #
  • Telstra in NZ suggest "breaking monopolies" RT @lukehopewell TelstraClear CEO slams NZ's 3 strikes copyright law (ZDNet) #
  • Everybody in da house! RT @AuSenate @AboutTheHouse Senate dept is taking its first tentative steps on Twitter. Can we get a retweet? #gov2au #
  • .@alexkidman Surely, it can be both! A pointless gadget we buy because we WANTS it, so we make ourselves more productive to rationalise ;) #
  • Ai knows!!! Is making me sad. RT @GreenJ so much spam this morning. #
  • Congrats! :) RT @GrogsGamut From tmrw writing weekly posts @abcthedrum. Lots of graphs or protest signs. Whichever feels the most Drumish #
  • My band "Clamourous Penguins" are playing Thurs week at the Pot Belly. Hope to see some of you there! :) #music #
  • Sometimes I wish I lived in Canberra. Simple but very useful. #gov2au #
  • I'm a little obsessed with this song atm but it is such an amazing remix! So I'm tweeting it again! #music #depechemode #
  • HAAA haha! #lols #idonotfollowpplwithmarketsintheirprofiles #longhashtags RT @chrisdubrow hi my name is Mark from Etsi … You discriminator #
  • Love it! You draw me in then make me giggle :) RT damonism I think it's a reasonable heuristic for deciding someone is a nob #
  • .@Weinberg_for_PM Erk, auto-responses usually make me unfollow :/ #
  • .@Jim_Croft Yes, it'll be fun. Techie types talking to techie types. None of this fluffy "managerial" foo ;) #gov2au #govcampau #opengov #
  • <grin> RT @benrhughes sometimes I'm frustrated I'm not represented by the left or right. Then I look at what they represent & feel better ;) #
  • Is it bad that I choose to not follow anyone with the word "markets" in their profile (with one or two notable exceptions). #
  • Interesting blog RT @Gov2u Here's our take on #Cameron #039;s attempt to shut Social Media: #gov2au #opengov #
  • I just RT'd this, but it's fascinating. Obv there are points up for debate :) @infobeautiful Left vs Right concept map #
  • .@Ragertarian I hope so! #govcampau needs @dannolan to have any semblence of credibility! ;) PS – it would be awesome if you cld come Dan :) #
  • Argh, I've never used Wikispaces before, does anyone know how to make it such that I don't have to approve new members? #govcampau #gov2au #
  • Good piece by @ashermoses RT Censoring mobiles and the net: how the West is clamping down via @smh #
  • .@stokely Yays! That's right folks, Gov 2.0 here in action ;) I hope to get to ppl engaging gov at all levels so constructively :) #gov2au #
  • OK #gov2au #gov20 #opengov & #opendata peeps, check it out! Sept 10th #govcampau will ROCK! See you there :) #
  • Totally. Life is grey. RT @benrhughes well, people are people. They're multi-faceted. Sometimes awesome, sometimes not. But I still like em. #
  • Briefly saw @latikambourke on the TV this morning, yay you! :) #
  • Need feedback on this song please. It's an early demo, but one of my favourites so far :) "Without Warning" #music #
  • "Without Warning" – the most difficult song I've yet collaborated with @mideion on. It's a very difficult & tragic s… #
  • Haaa hahaha! Q: "Can you destroy the earth", The Tick "egads I hope not, that's where I keep all my stuff!" #
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One Response to Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-21

  1. Leon Brooks says:

    Spider dance?

    Many years ago, friends of my father were out shooting ‘roos near Paraburdoo one night, & became a bit frustrated when they’d sight the eye reflections carefully along the spotlight trail, let fly, walk down the trail… nothing.

    One of them, when a new reflection was spotted, carefully walked down the spotlight beam, sighting along his rifle.. then paused… standing still & silent while his friends urged him on.

    Another of the crew hoofed it down the light-trail to find the hunter transfixed by the realisation that the “eyes” were reflections of two shiny patches on the back of a spider about as large as his hand, hanging in a web strung across his route, about halfway down the gun-barrel at this point… a hand-span from his face…

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