Music: Greed

The latest song from Martin and I, this one was written and recorded late last year. I basically went for a slightly sexy sound as it has a form of seduction at the heart of it. On this recording I did guitar, vocals and the drum sequencing, Martin did bass and harmonica.

This is a decent demo version and we are still working on an acoustic recording. Would love your comments 🙂

Recording: MP3 (hosted on Martin’s site) | Lyrics to come

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3 thoughts on “Music: Greed”

  1. Nice! I hope and assume, and I didn’t hear it, that autotune was not involved. Because if it wasn’t, you have a fantasic voice (we all knew that, but we didn’t know it was a fantastic singing voice too :).

    BTW, is there a fault with your openid server, or LJ’s? I just entered into “website”, which I’m sure has worked before according to the permissions listed on

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