Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-16

  • Ok peeps, got a table at golden harbour in Chinatown for those coming to yum cha 🙂 #
  • Also now reading Clausewitz… fascinating. #
  • Reading Musashi, Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Saul, Hobbes. I'm going to be a bundle.of fun for anyone silly enough to engage me in conversation 😉 #
  • WTH!? Got a notification that someone asked questions on "True Knowledge" about me inc marriage age & nationality. That is just plain creepy #
  • Does anyone else get annoyed when a "WORLD TOUR" of a band you like ends up being North America? Gar! #
  • Persistence: when everyone expects you to fail but you go ahead and rock anyway 🙂 (see purple runt) #
  • What's this I see? Not one but TWO Roma tomatoes in my garden 🙂 yay! #
  • Why do I torture myself with being subscribed to mailing lists with cheap international flights? :/ Every day another temptation. #
  • Am appreciating the free wireless, resources and wonderful ambience of my local library (Yass) to concentrate. Libraries are awesome! #
  • Interesting article: WikiLeaks Founder Lurks Beyond Reach of U.S. Law: Ann Woolner – Bloomberg via @BloombergNow #
  • 2010 FOSS report: Australia amongst highest number of developers per capita 🙂 Very interesting #foss #gov2au #opengov #
  • I'm coming to Sydney this weekend, who's up for yum cha on Saturday? 🙂 I need number to book, so pls DM me for details 🙂 #
  • Also, QLD Police running a good Facebook presence for Brisbane floods #qldfloods #gov2au via ausnog #
  • Goodness, livestream of Brisbane flooding up at with additional video footage (via AusNOG) #
  • Have discovered Mixxx, a wonderful tool for mixing songs together, beat matching, and DJ-ing. I used to beat match for a mashup I'm doing 🙂 #
  • Hilarious! 🙂 The Plague to "Hollaback Girl" and Prehistoric to "Toxic" #
  • This is an awesome approach to teaching history using youtube and good music 🙂 (via @aramadge) #
  • RT @julieposetti ABC Australia is using @ushahidi to crowdmap the #qldfloods devastation #gov2au #

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