A Sheik, a Rabbi & a Priest in Yass

My parents are putting on an event in Yass on the 16th September which proves to be very interesting. Basically it is the Together for Humanity Foundation, which bring a Sheik, a Rabbi and a Priest together to discuss the differences and similarities of Islam, Judaism and Christianity (respectively) and ultimately help promote understanding and tolerance in our society.

It is a great cause, and they primarily speak to schools all over the country. There is a dinner on the night of the 16th including a panel of the speakers and I thought it might be of some interest to some of the more local readers of my blog 🙂

As a person who studies Chan Buddhism, obviously I’d love to see even more diversity represented. But I still think it will be a very interesting event and I hope to see a few of you there 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Sheik, a Rabbi & a Priest in Yass”

  1. Hehe, yeah I know 🙂 Anyone I mention to it is inevitably let down by the lack of a punchline. Perhaps I should start with a joke and then mention the event 🙂

  2. I guess those are all dudes ay! In the Ottawa Citizen, there is a weekly page where a religious questions is asked and the respondents are normally Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Hindu and from time to time a Buddhist and are almost always all male! Does religious plurality ever consider gender diversity?

  3. Hi Tracey, it is a great point! Some of the most amazing Buddhist teachers I’ve met have been women and there are great women in all religions, just not necessarily in representative roles which is a pity.

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