NOIE has a booth at WSIS, and compared to the otehr countries it is sooo weak! I was a little embarrased. Giving out showbags with ACA stuff, and NOIE stuff that isn’t interesting compared to the Malaysian efforts, or the many African countries present, or any of the other countries here. The Malaysians are particularly awesome. They have amazing initiative, they created a site for open and free discussion about Islam online, with texts, 3d artifacts, forums and mailings lists. Will be trying to get Australia into the loop on that one 🙂

The Malaysians also have about %70 women in IT, which just blows me away, they have initiatives to get MEN into IT! Funny for us, but it certainly made redundant all these ideas that women are ‘genetically not suited to technical work’. Some of the crack I’ve heard over the years is amazing. Australia, and several other countries still have a long way to go.

Having LPI meetnigs with all the affiliates, we have 10 countries represented here, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Pakistan, Bulgaria, and China. They are a great group and it has been a pleasure working with them. As soon as I get this stupid Canon digital camera working under linux, pics will be up.

Also the Skolelinux guys. Very kewl little project, am bringing back the iso to play with and distribute to the educonf at LCA2004 (if david lets me )