We Seize!…. when we get organised.

So the Activists meetings happening downtown (see geneva03.org and hubproject.org) has some interesting aspects. I have a few gripes, firstly they are not organised particularly well, when you are passionate about something, being organised about it is a must 🙂 secondly, one of the big philosophies floating around is of the Yomango dudes, who basically encourage “shoplifting as a form of social desobedience and direct action against multinational corporations”, which I completely disagree with. On the flip side there was an awesome bunch of people there to chat with, they had a decent web access (FINALLY!) and I went to a great talk on Morphix by Mako, and another talk I already blogged about.

Hubprojects is their main site for anyone interested. They have been abused here in Geneva and for that I sympathise. They turned up to the planned venue and were stopped by Swiss RIOT police and told to go to another location. Upon getting there were told they hadn’t heard of them. I’m not sure why there has been so much objection but I’m led to believe it is because of previous protests they have held.