This is a page that I update from time to time with music I’ve written and recorded. Hopefully you find something you enjoy! Please let me know what you think :) I’ve tried to categorise a little and the words are available as text files if you want to delve into the darkness ;)

Industrial and Melodics tracks

Ghosts remixes

Acoustic and band tracks

Some backgrounds, just a few :)


Thunder (2010) – written whilst driving in the car, recording upon arriving home, and needs some work and more lyrics, but needed to capture the idea.

Tar (2010) – pretty raw song about supporting someone with depression.

Burning bridges (~1997) – old slightly dodgy recording, but lots of good layering and harmonies. Will redo someday.


Who farted (~2001) – a collaboration with my good friend at the time Steve, influenced by a Far Side cartoon. Audio (on Youtube) | Lyrics NB – listening before reading the lyrics highly recommended.

All songs are here under a Creative  Commons BY licence.

2 Responses to Musak

  1. Chris Sakkas says:

    Hi Pia,

    Unfortunately, it looks like most of these links are broken. If you need somewhere to host the files, I can chuck them on my website since they’re free, libre and open.


    • pipka says:

      Awww, thanks :) Actually I need to update it, all the stuff is now on Soundcloud. Updating now. Thanks for the offer though! You can download them all from Soundcloud in any case!

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