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Fake geeks prey on us poor lonely “true geeks” – 4 realz yo

Note: apparently it hasn’t been completely obvious to a few people so just saying up front, this is a mock blog Don’t you hate it when you go to a geeky event, and you see a guy dressed up as … Continue reading

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Online Culture – Part 1: Unicorns and Doom

There is a lot of commentating, hypothesising and general navel-gazing around the topic of “online culture” and how the Internet is changing society. Some believe we are ascending into a euphoric utopia where we will all be free and ride … Continue reading

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Parting ways

After nine years together, Jeff and I have decided to part ways. This is a mutual and amicable decision, and we wanted everyone to know that we are both ok Jeff’s post is at Though we still care for … Continue reading

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Air traffic control and Somalia

I was moved to blog this evening by two inspiring conversations I had whilst travelling to Melbourne. Both fascinating for very different reasons! Firstly, on the plane from Canberra to Melbourne I sat next to a guy who works in … Continue reading

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A Sheik, a Rabbi & a Priest in Yass

My parents are putting on an event in Yass on the 16th September which proves to be very interesting. Basically it is the Together for Humanity Foundation, which bring a Sheik, a Rabbi and a Priest together to discuss the … Continue reading

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My top 10 songs of all time

So I didn’t actually get to vote in the Triple J top 100 of all time. I feel really stupid to have missed it! I was just asked (live on radio) whether I had voted and I stupidly said yes … Continue reading

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Bonfire night photos

The bonfire was great fun, and although there were a lot of pikers (sickness, bad weather concerns, wusses) we had a lovely group of friends come out to enjoy the bushland and the explosions Below are the links to the … Continue reading

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Speaking at SoGikII in Sydney on Tuesday

I meant to blog about this, but have been busy. I’m speaking at the SoGikII conference on Tuesday, which is an incredibly eccentric geek conference that should be awesome! Anyway, check it out GikII noobs be warned: this is a … Continue reading

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Bonfire preparations

I’m not blogging as much as usual, and will try to get back onto regular posts but have been so busy! Have some great posts coming about life and work in Parliament House Today was out at the “farm” (the … Continue reading

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Virgin 3G on Ubuntu Jaunty

Today I bought a Virgin 3G USB dongle for internet access while on the road, and I thought I’d share the experience. It turns out I don’t need to write up the documentation because it mostly works out of the … Continue reading

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