Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-22

  • Heh, interesting RT @greenat16: Does God exist? 77.2% of the voters got it wrong #
  • So who else is stuck at Melbourne atm? 🙂 3 hours and counting, rearranging flights now. Fog fog fog. #
  • Interesting RT @mashable: Will This Open-Source Animated Film Change the Movie Industry Forever? #
  • "Got a letter from a messenger, I read it when it came". Ah Tea Party, such a great start to the morning. #webdevel #
  • Filling faster now. Hai 🙂 RT @Simbera: FWIW, I am at #wladd it's due to start and the place is less than half full #
  • . @woolfe Hah! I didn't say pure evil. I don't deal on extremes (or good/evil for that matter) 😛 @wombat1974 @mikestuchbery #
  • . @wombat1974 the problem is where greed is systematic, eg,stockmarket. Individual greed rarely so destructive. /cc @mikestuchbery @woolfe #
  • . @wombat1974 Hah, terminators eh? Where "babysitting" is quite literal? I think enlightened self interest is good 😉 @mikestuchbery @woolfe #
  • Haaaa hahaha RT @peterbayley: @_Pandy @PETA @piawaugh #EFFOFF Smart Arse 😉 #
  • . @kattekrab is truly one of my favourite ppl 🙂 Also, am working on migrating a Dreamweaver site to WordPress. My brain hurts. #
  • I for 1 welcome our new overlords MT @mikestuchbery: In short the sooner Earth is quarantined by biomechanical alien peacekeepers the better #
  • .@VirginMobileAus Thanks heaps. I can't dial the 1300555100 number and was gobsmacked by the (obv auto) email response. Will DM now. #
  • Really, REALLY cranky right now. #mobilecompaniesFAIL #

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