Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-11

  • Do it! Might be good to recommend to AGIMO? :) RT @jufemaiz: needed – an clearing house, like an apigee for gov data. #
  • Ooh. "Victoria-based ICT start-ups encouraged to apply for Vic Gov’s $11 million Digital Futures Fund…up to $500,000" #
  • Thx for link :) Also fits into #gov20 & #opengov movement RT @candtalan: Why software freedom? #FLOSS #SFday @piawaugh #
  • I just posted some on my facebook. Will post full higher res video tomorrow. iPhones suck :/ /cc @jasmineleong @willozap @tribalscientist #
  • Very happy with my new, laser cut geek jewellery from @ruthellison! :) #fb #
  • YES! Re(re(re))mix of Breathe by @mideion #music I love working with other musos :) #
  • Awesome! "Ezio's more fun" mixed by original instrumental artist See words at #assassinscreed #fb #
  • DIAC are doing monthly live chats on Facebook to engage with people and help them. Seems like a great initiative #gov2au #
  • Watching talk from Ronald Jones about social media monitoring and engagement tool they've made called Vizie. Some great stuff! #gov2au #
  • I'm going to drop in about 12 RT @CassPF: we're back. @NicholasGruen now talking about business models, social benefit and fair use #ADA2012 #
  • Reason behind @sandihlogan being a personal account was he wanted a personal presence, as an official spokesperson for DIAC. #gov2au #
  • Interesting. @sandihlogan involved his whole team in social media strategy, so now more people grilled and confident to engage #gov2au #
  • DIAC are doing monthly live chats on Facebook to engage with people and help them. Seems like a great initiative. #gov2au #
  • Watching talk by DIAC about their use of social media. They are very engaging online :) Huge congrats for their vision & hard work #gov2au #
  • Damien: key docs for dept use of social media are policy, governance, business case template, process guide and risk guide. #gov2au #
  • Damien Battisson from DEEWR: policy -> listen -> publish -> respond -> engage. Good approach to #socmed #gov2au #
  • This event is fantastic, reps from DEEWR, DIAC, ATO, A/G & CSIRO. Watch live at #gov2au #socmed #gov20 #opengov #
  • Yes RT @timl: @piawaugh I swear if I see another "hey, check out our viral video…" type post…. #mutter #
  • Tune into the Cross Agency Communication forum to hear several agencies talking about social media & #gov2au Starts now #
  • Yes RT @dannolan: Seriously that ADFA piece is a fantastic read – #
  • I think a lot of ppl in the #smeg & marketing scene don't quite get it. There is no special sauce. It has to actually be awesome to go viral #
  • Agree, no real insights or useful advice therein. @cameronreilly @kcarruthers #
  • Enjoying a stirring discussion about #opendata with @gov2nsw group. #gov2au ppl in Sydney should totally attend :) #
  • s/in/on @GeordieGuy @Wittylama @kattekrab #
  • -> peer review, ability for busy professionals to participate directly & avoidance of agenda hogging imo. @Wittylama @kattekrab @GeordieGuy #
  • .@Wittylama yes there is, the ACS. Requirements for membership a little out of date, but they do some good work. @kattekrab #
  • And now to sleep, perchance to dream. Night all! :) #fb #
  • Sunset, as evidence :) #
  • Stunning sunset in Canberra atm. #
  • Just attended a gov change mgmt user group. Was a lot more interesting than it sounds :) Got insights to DHS "Tell Us Once" progress #gov2au #
  • "Mario Portals" This is epic. #gamers Now, to work :) #
  • First draft of "Ezio's more fun" for the Assassin's Creed fans & esp AC1 haters. After all, Ezio was more fun ;) #music #
  • Heh! :) It was & thx for the coffee! :) @dwhoban @brookebaskin #
  • That is awesome, but 32g would have been better :) RT @Jovianshadow: Nerd alert! @littlemissscifi @citizen_cam #
  • Cute :) RT @netbadges: #Netbadges awarded @piawaugh a Gold Netbadge for tweeting about gov2. See the other winners: #
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