Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

  • More Launceston. Very pretty. Back at work on Monday. #
  • Hanging out in beautiful Launceston. #
  • For the martial arts peeps, check out my Shi Fu's 18 Hands of Lohan & Linked Rings Boxing #kungfu #
  • Note to all friends with little girls, check out "The Fairies", Aussie kids franchise. Opening in Canberra tmrw :) #
  • Thank you to @NathanFillion for his noble quest to #endswampass #geek #gamer #
  • Rob Chalmers, veteran journalist died yesterday. An inspiring passionate man who served the press gallery for 60 yrs #fb #
  • Thanks all. :`/ Sad when you lose someone awesome, esp when you could have spent more time with them. @ashulz @camcgr @davidramli #
  • Just got some awful news :/ Not having phone access meant finding out badly. We should take opps when we get them & not wait until too late. #
  • Rob Chalmers is incredible. 60 yrs in the press gallery – a treasure of knowledge He's my cousin, I hope he recovers :/ #
  • Just watched first episode of My Little Pony cartoon on recommendation & it is hilarious :) I'm on holidays! :P #
  • K, bedtime now. #
  • One of the things I love about Youtube is quickly finding & listening to music. Currently listening to #depechemode #fb #
  • Sorry, just one more. Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and John Carpenter. Lovely remix on #soundcloud #music #fb #cantsleep #
  • Just found a beautiful remix of Depeche Mode, Florence and the Machine & Imogen Heap on #soundcloud Enjoy :) #music #fb #
  • Wow, bbpress (forum plugin) is really quite nice. Yay for WordPress integration & in this case s2members integration (Kung Fu school). #
  • Currently listening to NIN remixes and doing some website work. I love holidays :) You can do whatever you like! See :) #
  • I shall work on it, I'm here another 4 days, should be enough ;) @trib @DavidBromage #
  • .@trib Hah, @davidbromage just beat you to the same joke! :) #
  • Have been visiting horses today, reading Kung Fu texts, entertaining a 4 yr old, training and cooking. Feeling awesome. #perfectday #
  • Just had a friend's 4 year old girl quote CJ from West Wing to me. So much teh awesome! :) #
  • This is ridiculous and hilarious! "We're from Tassie… Our bogans will stab you" #newyork #
  • Just was told about Lounge Against The Machine. Too funny :) #music #
  • In Tasmania having an amazing time training and hanging with my Kung Fu Master & his family, but stuck with 0 (yes, 0!) mobile coverage. #fb #
  • Heading down to Launceston (Tas) for a week to train with my kung fu master. Should be fun :) Esp given my snow boarding bruises <grin> #
  • Trying so hard to not feed the trolls, but cannot believe the audacity of ppl trying to capitalise on #Oslo tragedy to spread hate speech. #
  • Awful title but interesting post, esp for those who question value of pseudonyms RT @bug_girl: Why Google+ hates women #
  • Interesting RT @TonySearl: Why we should abolish the university exam via @ConversationEDU #
  • Wow, awesome! RT @avancampen: So. Cool. RT @MFBorman: Very cool in-car augmented reality! » #
  • You need more buffer ;) RT @jethrocarr: dd if=/dev/flat/heater of=/dev/jethro/body <— even with bs=20M, I'm still not getting warm :-( #
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