Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-10

  • Does this count as 'fair use'? Six strike story as previously mentioned. #
  • .@grumpymojo yeah. It says AT&T, Verizon, Comcast corp. #
  • Looks like it, paywall RT @tericee: @purserj This may be it, but I can't say for sure since I don't have subscription. #
  • Wow, on page 13 of the fin review today a tiny article saying several ISPs are implementing a six strike rule. Scary. #openinternet #
  • Preach brother RT @lukehopewell: I hate you, YouTube pre-roll ads #
  • Was reminded of one if my fav snl clips earlier. Natalie Portman, rapping. #awesome #
  • Sometimes there is nothing better than hanging in your own house, puppy for company + good movie. Just finished 4th resident evil, love it! #
  • Currently on a lively motorbike ride out to bungendore. Stunning day, just a little windy. :) #
  • Bought some fancy new shoes today, so if anyone has a fancy event I can come along to in the coming 3 weeks, I have boots and can travel :) #
  • I'm excited! Only weeks to go :) RT @alexmyoung: squeaky, windblown and perfect /cc @piawaugh #
  • Just watched someone buy 4 chocolate bars and a diet coke. Had to giggle. #
  • I remixed our latest Gibson song, the one about Jonas the cyborg dolphin and war, enjoy :) #music /cc @mideion #
  • Nice remix of The Fragile #NIN #music #
  • Have rewatched Resident Evil and Underworld series over the last week. Inspired me to out running longer and to gym, got a way to go ;) #
  • Heh, love the #firefly one :) RT @cheeky_geeky: The funniest #AskObama tweets – (RT @HuffPostComedy) #
  • Ooh, sounds interesting :) RT @deangroom: Submission going up. Using Quake over Second Life for Transmedia Learning #
  • Wow, virgin mobile just silently changed me to automatic credit card payments wo permission & then charged me to fix it. Unbelievable. #
  • Day three of my holiday and I'm already going stir crazy. Methinks I need to get out and about. I'm off to the gym :) #fb #
  • Very excited, getting my very large print of a polar bear soon :) From Beautiful and inspiring photos of the Arctic! #
  • OK, am now playing with Google Plus, will Tweet progress updates :) #
  • Hah! Or Apocalypse Ow… RT @thomasrdotorg Apocalypse No #moviesthatarebetterminusoneletter #
  • Hey @cagetheelephant, is it possible to buy your 2009 album just for download rather than through iTunes? I saw I could with the new album. #
  • Another song for music (& games) lovers out there! Ain't no rest for the wicked #borderlands @CageTheElephant #
  • Heh, forgivable *only* when it's the Blues Brothers, right? ;) RT @purserj "we've got both kinds of music. Country and western" #
  • Got this in my head, so thought I'd share :) Rollin' rollin' rollin' #
  • Attended US Embassy 4th July celebrations. Walking away w Yankee cap and American gangster dvd set. Surreal but fun :) #
  • Haha, when zombie movie meets soft rock RT @chrisjrn I BLESS THE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS #toto #
  • .@JohnFMoore: @jasonbirch @piawaugh :-) Australia and the UK IMO are neck and neck. Spain is doing gr8 for #opendata #gov2au #
  • Watched the new Transformers movie, was fun :) Best part was watching Alan Tudyk combine Wash and Alpha so well ;) #firefly #dollhouse #
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