Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

  • Wow, great post, thx for kudos :) RT @shineslike: @piawaugh BTW – your post has prompted a museum-focussed one of my own #
  • Nice :) RT @kcarruthers: Nice day in the back yard – need something to snooze on here though #
  • Currently having a lazy day, watching Heat on recommendation. It's awesome, intense, loving it :) #
  • Fascinating RT @NLoverheid20: LulzSec sails into sunset as TeaMp0isoN terrorizes Internet, International Business Times: #
  • It feels really good to blog :) I've been bad at regular blogging (too busy) but it's good to get out some thoughts that have been building. #
  • RT to @timdunlop, better late than never ;) New post: Online Culture – Part 1: Unicorns and Doom #
  • Oh wow, WOW! RT 'Fight Club' Writer to Pen (HBO mini-series based on) Trent Reznor's 'Year Zero' THX @jdub!! :) #
  • Oh wow, WOW! RT 'Fight Club' Writer to Pen (HBO mini-series based on) Trent Reznor's 'Year Zero' THX @jdub!! :) #
  • Oh wow, WOW! RT 'Fight Club' Writer to Pen (HBO mini-series based on) Trent Reznor's 'Year Zero' THX @jdub!! :) #
  • I'm having SO MUCH FUN remixing music atm taking two similar tracks, overlayng and offsetting just slightly to get a whole new sound <happy> #
  • .@firstdogonmoon Totally, we should do something high tech & fabulous! Now where is my multi-coloured string & those glamified SPAM cans? ;) #
  • QOTD: Our brains have just one scale, and we resize our experiences to fit. <- So very true. #
  • Hey @actwonkdrinks, is there still something on Saturday for @firstdogonmoon's national wonk day thingy? /cc @SMinney @Bondles anyone? #
  • The Parl Library are fast today! Prof Chen's talk is up: Gov 2.0: Online engagement or neo-liberal trojan horse #gov2au #
  • Chen: adhocracies work for short term practical projects, but have bad long term impact on democratic participation #gov2au #
  • Chen: points for consideration 1) Roles/relationship between citizens & gov 2) Gov as platform for coordinated innovation/engagement #gov2au #
  • Chen: public debate is undermined by the public competition for personal benefits. #gov2au <~ Interesting theory. #
  • Chen: issue with public sphere is that ppl need to be able to agree on def of public good, "Habermas' public sphere was a boys club" #gov2au #
  • Chen: governmental can engage with existing online public sphere. But many who talk about public spheres don't define what they mean #gov2au #
  • Chen: It's assumed there is a decline in public democratic participation, but party membership not a good/true measurement #gov2au #
  • I'm actually quite impressed with Chen thus far, he has a tech bent on #gov20 but also quite thoughtful & insightful in his analysis #gov2au #
  • Chen: production of content used to be prepare, edit, publish, but social media is prepare, publish & engage ppl in iterative edits #gov2au #
  • Chen: Obama had radical web campaign but most funds still from trad sources, was tightly controlled. Not as bleeding edge as assumed #gov2au #
  • Chen: internet is disruptive tech, eg undermined traditional news model, pressure to do more for less & journos more reliant on pr #gov2au #
  • He's looking at #gov20 tech facilitated democracy in Australia, underlying assumptions implications. Says #gov2au based on several premise #
  • Listening to Prof Peter Chen "online engagement, or a neo-liberal Trojan horse". He's saying our relationship to tech has changed #gov2au #
  • Today in APH Library "Gov 2.0: Online engagement or neo-liberal Trojan Horse". Also @jason_a_w from last week at #gov2au #
  • Fascinating interactive "game" for #GoBackSBS RT Asylum: Exit Australia #asylumexitaustralia #
  • The #GoBackSBS website quiz is fascinating. Nice use of interactive datavis to educate :) #
  • RT @abcthedrum Judging people for being judgemental. What a bunch of hypocrites we are, writes @mattgranfield #GoBackSBS #
  • RT @KateLundy #GoBackSBS is compelling TV. Getting first-person insight into the experience of refugees will hopefully improve understanding #
  • Good to see Raye & Raquel from #GoBackSBS on Sunrise this morn w more empathy & positive msgs of fair go & don't judge a book by its cover #
  • Sorry all, thanks to the thousand tweets I know that part 2 of #GoBackSBS is tmrw, not next week. Thx! <hide> :) /cc @CbnGal @666canberra #
  • Wow, #GoBackSBS was incredible. Definitely tuning in next week. Every Aussie should watch. Awesome to see teachers say they'll show students #
  • This is fascinating. Ppl should watch. RT @mpesce: GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM is now playing on SBS1. :) #
  • I obviously have one of those faces that seems helpful. Just directed some tourists to the nearest yha. Thanks internets :) #
  • Is there anything better than being invited out for a beer with good company at the end of a hard day? :) #
  • Totally RT @shigawire Sites that brag about aggregation of personally identifiable data just make me think they are encouraging stalking #
  • Only just saw this article, very interesting RT @ashermoses Piracy: are we being conned? via @smh_news #
  • I keep seeing (slightly creepy) places that auto-aggregate stuff. Just saw a website that has aggregated every video interview I've done :/ #
  • I'm afraid I'm not doing #rebel #actwonkdrinks on Thursday (can't play after). I hope the #empire @actwonkdrinks on Saturday are awesome :) #
  • So I'll be playing at the Pot Belly muso night next Thurs (not this Thurs) with my bandmate. Starts at 9pm, see you there :) Should be fun. #
  • "The Cuban Missile Crisis had nothing to do with mutants!" New XMen movie didn't go down well with work colleague. Hilarious! I loved it :) #
  • Wow, good for self reflection RT @Paris_David: The Backfire Effect, or why internet arguments are hardly ever resolved #
  • The best talk from @tedxsydney IMHO :) Richard Gill on The Value of Music Education. Very insightful :) #
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