Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-01

  • Wow! Just discovered for doing score/tab editing, exporting & sharing. Looks awesome & currently playing with :) #
  • So tonight will be spent writing and recording some new music! :) Hurrah! And then perhaps a motorbike ride just for fun :) Might even blog! #
  • Looks like I'm heading back to Yass. Only options presented for tonight were "wedding" parties or events where I don't know ppl #twitterfail #
  • Just to be clear, I do not have a speeding ticket. Thank you internets. :P /cc @BeatTicket @moldor #
  • YAY! My application to attend @tedxsydney was accepted. Very excited! Was fantastic last year! :) #
  • Motorbike P test, $165. Updating my licence to motorbike P's, $22. Going an extra 10kms/hr on freeway, priceless ;) #
  • My evening plans just fell through. Anyone got a better game plan than heading back to yass to do nothing? :) #fb #
  • Inc interview with @edhusicmp :) RT @KateLundy New post: Increasing sport participation with multicultural youth grants #
  • Ooh! The ABS have a case study on the Gov 2.0 showcase about CDATA. CDATA is certainly very useful :) #gov2au #
  • I'm totally going to this. Looks awesome! Who else is going? :) AR Dev Camp Sydney via @eventbrite #gov2au #
  • Totally awesome RT @techAU Awesome zombie-proof house – #
  • Heh, "We are Spinal Tap!" :) come on ppl! @BernardKeane @carolduncan @johnvacy #
  • Nice photo from bike ride to Wee Jasper on the weekend :) thanks @case_pres! #
  • Am doing 2011 Motorcycle Blanket Run with @katelundy, yay! Donations to Salvation Army for winter. Old Parliament House 14th May @ 0830 :) #
  • So access becomes a control & pressure point? A bit scary. RT @dtapscott End of content ownership. Good short piece: #
  • Currently reading the global and Australian reports of Internet freedom in 2011: #
  • Today, I aim to misbehave. #
  • Perfect day: 1.5hrs motorbike riding with some delicious twists & straights + request from someone who likes my voice to do music. Yay! #fb #
  • Going for a ride with some mates from Canberra to wee jasper. They leave Canberra around 10 and we leave yass at 11. Everyone welcome :) #
  • Just registered on #Twitrax – Upload & Promote music on Twitter @Twitraxcom #
  • Thinking of doing a big motorbike ride around Canberra/Yass region tmrw. Any suggestions? :) #
  • Am at an ANZAC Day ceremony in Yass. Very respectful and probably the whole town have turned out. #
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