Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-06

  • If this hommus isn't at least 40% garlic and 40% lemon, I'm claiming false advertising 🙂 #
  • Check this out 🙂 my mum designed it and my dad made it. Beautiful design table 🙂 #
  • Why does everyone want to frame challenges faced as "wars". The "war on <insert newest trend>" meme is getting old :/ #
  • <stab> 😉 @Loquacities @dermottbanana #
  • I get sad when people assume "feminism" is extreme. Most women today would be considered extreme 100 yrs ago. A few don't define the whole #
  • Wow, only just discovered @ABCNerdzilla, awesome stuff for geeks! 🙂 #
  • "Recomms include 10yr cybersecurity plan", srsly? RT @AusIT Australia's cyber security 'weak': Report #
  • Hi @sloanie666, you said this morn that show would have something about "running out of Internet addresses". This this story happen? Thx! 🙂 #
  • Holy crap! Mainstream radio going to talk about ipv6, progress 🙂 on 666 am Canberra #
  • Everytime someone says "illegal immigrants" to describe asylum seekers I want to cry. Seeking asylum is not illegal, ppl should calm down #
  • I stand with the Egyptian people. — Join me by making this your status message today! #Egypt #
  • Interesting idea, professional network for IPV6 implementers RT @gogoJERSON <snip> The gogoNET v6 social network #
  • Very interesting article by Ross Gittins: A rabble without a cause via @theage #
  • Am trying to rebalance a small lack of protein in my diet. Perfect excuse for banana smoothie in a hot day 🙂 #
  • My thoughts, and I'm sure many others are with Queenslanders as cyclone yasi hits today 🙁 Take care everyone and be safe #
  • RT @lukehopewell New open source council to level playing field in Aus govt IT procurement #win #gov2au @zdnetaustralia #
  • This is really cool 🙂 RT AusMPtweets Australian MP Tweets
    Words most frequently used by @KateLundy on Twitter #auspol #
  • Currently playing with ogr2ogr for transforming Mapinfo files into whatever you need to use 🙂 Yay for geospatial funs! #gov2au #datavis #
  • Hey everyone! Help contribute to the relatively small amount required to Digitise the Dawn! 🙂 #
  • Changed at work & forgot work shoes. Lovely coworker offered beautiful but precarious heels. I hope I survive 😉 #
  • This is awesome RT @abcthedrum: Politics & media have outdated ideas on gender that don't match reality says @sunili #
  • Am very excited, current learning the root form of most martial arts today: Da Mo's "18 hands of Lohan" 😀 #gungfu #
  • Everyone should also watch Vint Cerf on the importance & history of the open internet #lca2011 #
  • Everyone should watch this: IPV6 and the #IPocalypse #lca2011 #
  • Why is it not common practise to reply-to-all!?! It's so much more efficient when you've a few ppl! Embrace community dialogue people! 🙂 #
  • Has anyone played with It looks pretty cool. Yes this is part of my ongoing quest for #datavis toys 🙂 #gov2au #
  • Great articleby Mel Campbell: Loss of basic female skills or loss of basic journalistic skills? (currently paywalled) #
  • Very interesting: "Inside Story – Egypt: The youth perspective" /via @crikey_news #
  • Amused at "low skill" jobs in census pertains to academic qualifications. My dad is a refrigeration mech: highly skilled "low skill" job 😉 #
  • Wow, do I really speak this fast! My "applying martial arts" talk with link to blog post #lca2011 #
  • I need to do a blog post about #lca2011 it was an awesome and inspiring conf. Will put my favs moments & must watch talks on blog 🙂 #
  • Heya @pennyhagen & @moldor, basically anything under $1000. I'll be getting decent bike later, but need something to practise on now :/ #
  • Have to go for my motorbike P's in march so now urgently need a bike to practise on. If you know of a cheap 2nd bike pls get in touch 🙂 #
  • Very much looking forward to multicultural festival this weekend in Canberra 🙂 #
  • Listening to a radio presenter lament on the Egypt situation as it pertains to her travel plans. Disappointingly narrow. Switching stations #

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